Beauty Of the Week

Arinola gbalajobi

Arinola gbalajobi

Arinola Gbalajobi of the Class of ’13 (yeah, she’s a finalist) is the Latest Beauty of the Week.
»»Nicknamed Rinny, she is studying Law because that has always been the choice course for her. If not Law however,she would have chosen Mass-communication
»»In her words… “5 years in this school has been tough but God been by my side,its been going well”
She loves dancing and truthful people and she loves going out.Also detest Liars, selfish people and false accusations
She has no crush in d faculty
Her favourite lecturer is Prof. Ibidapo Obe
She feels the Blog is a good medium of disseminating info to students
On a final note, she concluded by wishing all students the best in their endeavours

Arinola gbalajobi

Arinola gbalajobi


1 Comment

  1. wao, I still remember when you were born Arin. You used to talk a lot and loved to visit st Finbars in Yaba to hang out with Aunty Funmi and aunty Ronke. Youve grown. We bless God for you. Keep up the good work and keep shining:-)

    You may not remember me, but I am aunty Dupe, very good friends with aunt funmi (Fum Fum as I love to call her)


    Aunt Dupe


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