So the elections are finally here… Or almost finally here… and as usual there’s a lot of hype about who’s going to be the next president of the Law Students Society.However, this here election is pretty crucial, in fact it’s a singularly momentous event because for the first time the office of the P. R. O. is open to not only year five as has been our previous predicament but is finally open to year four too.
The major concern of the legislators was the perpetual, incessant, perennially unrelenting lackadaisical sluggishness, reluctance and laissez affair attitude with which the position of P. R. O. has been greeted! The importance of this here role cannot be over emphasised and yet we not only deemphasize it, but we have seen it impugned, neglected and laid to waste like an original Red Bricks building and just like Red Bricks, what isn’t really it is now referred to and accepted as it.
So now that we have a chance to finally correct this deep seething ailment, what do we do? For if we are neither hot nor cold we spew out our very chances of having good public relations and our course would be of all things most miserable.
Here is what I propose, let’s go for someone in year four, someone who won’t be pressed by the pressures of having to write three exams in the coming months and thus can afford the LSS time, let’s vote for someone who wouldn’t have to think of her project and law school thus making our societal affairs seem puny in comparison, let’s vote for someone who has had the public affairs of the society in mind and has been dedicated to the thankless job of co-running the law society blog, has been majorly responsible for the assignment and delivery of most of the interviews and the day to day activities of the LSS blog.
This is the kind of person we need; someone who is selfless, someone who has shown a dedicated commitment to the public affairs of the society, someone who has been involved in programmes like the Ladies’ Day without being an exco, someone who is friendly, someone who is Temitope Odeyinka!

    Senator Jones Ayuwo (Of the Blog Committee)

#LSS ELECTION – 12/2/2014


  1. Jones may not be always right but he is not wrong on this…I have the same DNA with him on this issue for numerous reasons,the chiefest amongst which is verifiability of Tope’s suitability. She is tested and trusted.


  2. I actually do support the writting. The PRO post should be occupied with someone who will be willing and dedicated to the cause. The PRO should be occupied by someone who is less busy and not cramped up with a lot of work and consider tht year5 students are concerned with nothing but to leave the school soon so i support it. Now that it has come down to year 4 its now to vote the right person, Temi Odeyinka can be the only one fit for that post. She’s humble, nice, calm, has a listening ear, hardworking everything we can possibly ask for in a PRO. So therfore let’s all vote for Temi Odeyinka for PRO LSS


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