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~••Taslim Elias Students’ Chambers

They are apparently primus interpares. This Chamber(s) gave the other three a run for their money. This has largely been attributed to their charismatic executives and their loyal members. The pace was set during Seun Williams’ tenure and the torch has been burning brightly ever since. While the critics opine that what obtains here is the ‘same old blah blah blah’, law students have however found this to be evidence of consistency.

TEC tees

TEC tees

~•Dr. Babatunde Oni – Best Lecturer
Dr Babatunde Oni obtained his LL.B (Hons.) from Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria (Second Class Upper Division). He also won IDOWU SOFOLA (SAN) prize for Best Result in Nigerian Legal System and Research methods and the AKINOLA ADARAMAJA (SAN) prize for Best
Results in Land Law from the same University. Subsequently he attended the Nigerian Law School in 1997 and was enrolled as Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
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~Agbodesi Jerry – Entrepreneur Of The Year

A former presidential aspirant, Jerry is one entrepreneur that we cannot easily forget. His entrepreneurial journey began with his redefinition of tutorials and the introduction of his eponymous past question series. His business acumen was brought to light during his political campaign. Unfortunately, at that time, his manifesto seemed surreal. Nevertheless, news making the rounds indicates that he has his fingers in the tastiest pies. Plus, while it is definitely not ‘beans’ to be an Ozolua Staylite, he has definitely taken the hustling game a notch higher, and his close relationship with Rotimi Amaechi says it all.


While she may be the most fashionable female in the faculty, her sense of style is legendary. This, coupled with her pretty features, has ensured that she is usually recognised as one of the hottest chicks on campus. She has even been named as one of the richest students in the University of Lagos. (neoma_o)

~•Alade Temidayo (Dayournair) – FASHIONABLE MALE

 He is the real definition of metrosexual. He is definitely not new on the scene. He has been the most fashionable male student two years in a row. He has been dubbed an all-rounder and his fashionability is second to none.

~•Vaughan Temiloluwa – PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR (MALE)

He is popularly called Vaughan, and is one of the blog’s favourites. This is one selfless and unassuming individual. He is an achiever and the success of the immediate past LSS executives is a testimony to this. He has quite a lot of feathers in his cap, and the most adorable thing is that he doesn’t show off. He also is the favourite of a lot of the lecturers in the faculty.
Pastor Vaughan’s humility is further reflected on his picture-shy mannerism, unless the pic is taken with his closest friends. See


Temiloluwa Vaughan

Temiloluwa Vaughan



 This ‘dark and lovely’ lady bagged the award of the female personality of the year. She has been listed as a ‘mover and shaker’ in the faculty of law. She served as an executive under Seun Williams when he was the head of chamber at the Taslim Elias Chambers. Her role in the creation of the ADR Society in the faculty has endeared her to all and sundry. Consequently, she has garnered respect as a go-getter.


~Bidemi Adeyemo
He is the sportsman for the year. He is popularly known as Skenks. He is a multi talented sports man. He has won many medals in the track and field events in year two. He is also the top striker for the Law Class of 2015 football team.

~•Anigbogu Kodichi – SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR
She is an active young woman. She is an athlete and the coach of the volleyball team of the Class of 14, who were unbeaten champions for two years. She was also involved in one of the community oriented programmes initiated by the LSS.



  1. Up TEC!!! However too many photos of just TEC.. An additional photo of all the winners rather than so much of TEC would have been better in my opinion..Congrats to all the winners!


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