10 Essential Smartphone Accessories You Should Have

Smartphones are cool gadgets that enable us to do lots of stuff daily. However, to optimize the functions of your smartphone, you need additional accessories to enhance particular functions and features to give you better user experience. Here is a list of 10 Essential smartphone accessories that would make your life more fun, exciting and organised.1. Rhino Shield Protector

As we are all aware, there are lots of screen guards sold in the market today. However, these screen guards at most prevent your screen from scratch but if your phone drops, just say good bye to your beautiful screen. But if you require full protection of your smartphone from scratch, direct impact and manipulation print marks you would certainly need a Rhino shield protector.

2. Battery Pack Charger

In other to enjoy your smartphone you would need to keep the battery up and running. An extra battery and mobile battery pack charger would be most essential to keep you on the go.

3. Sound Amplifier

Playing music on your smartphone speaker isn’t that great, however with a sound amplifier accessory you can turn your smartphone into a mini Home Theater Sound System.

4. Smartphone printer

Print out your favorite photos from your smartphone with smartphone printer.

5. Smartphone Projector

Want to enjoy movie on the big screen? Get smartphone projector for your smartphone and enjoy movies from your smartphone projected on a big screen.

•6. Attachable Camera Accessories

Use attachable camera accessory to enhance photographic experience on your smartphone.

•7. Laser Virtual Keyboard

This accessory projects a virtual keyboard on  any flat surface that enables you type with a fully functional keyboard on your smartphone. This accessory goes for about $150.

•8. Pepper Spray Smartphone Covers

Use pepper spray covers for your smartphone to protect yourself from thieves and attackers trying to snatch your phone. The pepper spray cover is sold for about $40.

•9. USB Cable Adapter

Use the USB Cable adapter to connect USB drives to your smartphone. To collect and transfer files from a USB drive. This accessory goes for about $30.

•10. Game Controller

If you love gaming on your smartphone, one thing you will need is a game controller add on. To enable you enjoy games on your smartphone like you are playing a traditional video game. You can get a game controller for your device within the range of $15 – $100 depending on the model.


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