Beauty Of The Week – Aderoju Adekemi Oluwabusayomi

    Happy semester break guys! And for those in one law firm or the other, face your work or whatever it is you do there and stop taking selfies. *dodgeslawtextbooks*.

From the Faculty of first choice, set of first choice (Law Class of ’15) in the University of first choice, inside the State of first choice, in the country of no choice….. hehehehe. I present to you : Miss Aderoju Adekemi Oluwabusayomi. She hails from Oyo state and she’s the 2nd child of 4children, (3girls and a boy), from a christian home and was born August 7th. She’s playful, jovial and she’s the perfect example of ‘black is beautiful’. #acceptandloveyourselfthewayyouare. :d

On why she decided to study law. She laughed and said ‘I actually wanted mass communication, right from time. But somehow someway, I developed interest in law because I had cousins in law school at the time I was applying for my admission in the University Of Lagos. The fact that they had vast knowledge in practically all aspects of life,that tripped me’

• So 4years down the line? Any regret?
Uhmmmmmmmm! Not exactly.You know nothing good comes easy, that’s my only motivating factor.Despite the stress and hard work that comes along with studying law its still worth it in the end.

-So interests and hobbies?
I love to have fun I mean a lot of fun. So I’ll say I love to hangout with friends and family. My friends would say my ginger is always constant.

•heheheheh! And you still combine it with law?
I appreciate people that live a balanced life. So that’s what I try to do.Read my books like there’s no tomorrow and play when its time to play.

• Favourite body part?
I appreciate God’s work so I love everything about me. But I could still say I’m in love with my cupid bow lips.

•Favourite quote.
Every pawn is a potential queen.

•Your happiest moment in university of Lagos?
Dunno,can’t remember’s been stress all the way since I got admission into university of lagos.

•Do you have any beauty routine?
Nah…Black is beautiful.No time for routines to look good.

•Best friend(s)?
Nah. I’ve got plenty people around me as friends and I cherish all of them.You can say am a lover of plenty.

•What about boys?any special man in your life?
They are there too. Different people exist in my life for different reasons,positive ones anyway.Jesus Christ is the ultimate lover of my soul.

*side note*. (That’s what single people say lol)

•so what do you look out for in a guy?
He has to be God fearing and cute.Those are the first things that gets my attention.Other things would follow.

• Any favourite lecturer?
Dr Sanni. He’s got passion for his job,i’m practically in love with him…..don’t tell him I said that. Prof Oyewo is another lecturer I’m in love with, also Dr odusote. hehehehe

•So I’m going to ask some random questions,just answer anyone that comes to your head first.

    ¤Chicken and chips or risky burger?
    Chicken and chips.

    ¤Blackberry or Nokia?
    Iphone jor. Which one is BlackBerry or nokia.

    ¤If u could marry someone now who would it be?
    Terrence Jenkins.

    ¤Who hosted the 2014 world cup?

    ¤Who won the 2014 world cup

    ¤Ice cream or fruits?

    ¤Ozone or leisure mall?
    Leisure mall

    ¤Prof I.o smith or Dr Oni?
    Dr Oni

    ¤Tye Tribett or Dietrick Haddon?
    Dietrick Haddon

    ¤Northwest or Ivy blue?

    ¤And what’s one thing you can’t do without? GOD. He’s my everything. All I have I owe to him.

    ¤Which area of law will you like to specialise in?

    ¤Rachel or Donna?
    Rachel of course.

Justice Rhodes-Vivour Moot Competition Finals 23/7/14 @NIALS 10AM #GFSCUnilag #GaniEnterprise2014
Prof Ayo Atsenuwa Inaugural Lecture #July23rd2014
LSS BBM Channel –>C0024FB47

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  1. Lmao … Im I the only one in awe of the unique sense of humor employed by the interviewer. This is some good stuff. (The beauty in question seems homely too)


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