BEAUTY OF THE WEEK – Lillian Ike-Okoro

Hello guys, my name is Lillian Amara Ike-Okoro, I am of the law class of 17. I am originally from Imo state but I’ve spent all my life in Lagos, so yes I guess I am one of those hybrid people. My family is a nine man battalion, I am the second of seven kids.

Yes, seven kids, and before you ask, no there are no twins, my mother actually went through labour seven times, and yeah, my dad is quite the scorer. Lol. There’s a girl before me, Vivian, and four boys after me and then a final girl.


My hobbies are singing, drawing, writing, acting, watch movies, day dreaming… and sleeping. Lool, yes I prefer seasonal movies. I like honesty and humour, I definitely dislike being fake and non-chalance.



(Have any nicknames?) Aaahh, you don’t want to know, too many silly ones especially from home with my middle name. The ones I can say here are Lilly (of course), lilly white and Amii. ( Off the record though, igbo boys call me ‘lele’ to get on my nerves, and at home it’s amarakomkom, aminkor or amaransi!) Jones, please that’s off the record o. (of course, that’s what I said)


Okay, I came into the faculty through diploma. Well, comparing it with now, i’d say diploma was on edge, uneasy, but year two was really nice, I was more relaxed and made a lot more friends.
We really didn’t mind the whole ‘diploma is not yet part of the faculty’ treatment, some of us were a bit disappointed with our post utme and saw diploma as a chance to try again, and try again we did.
Yh, I picked law basically because I guess I love everything a lawyer stands for. The thought of one day being a lawyer has just always been with me.
Hahahahaaa, No! I do not have a boyfriend.
(Any crush we should know about?)
Loool, Jason Statham!
(No, joor! I mean in the faculty)
Oh, just Jones Ayuwo.
(wham! Don’t wake me up! Stop kidding)
And why do you suppose I am kidding?
My final words would be ‘never stop reading, that’s why we are law students but don’t forget to let go n have fun’. Is that good enough?



Jones Ayuwo

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