There are only three events in a man’s life; birth, life, and death; he is not conscious of being born, he dies in pain, and he forgets to live 
– Jean de la Bruyere

For most law students, this year was a matter of ‘on to the next plate of rice’. If the chambers were not trying to out do each other, the RESULT Team was trying to prove its critics wrong. When it would seem either was taking a break, the tax club or some other student body (is it just me or do we have a million and one societies these days?) would be trying to make a statement. Whether good, bad or downright ugly, you can’t help admiring the creativity and the enthusiasm with which the events were put together. So, we bring you ten events that we would not forget on two grounds: they were mind blowing manifestations of splendid ideas or they were extremely bad and distasteful. So in no particular order

ELECTION VIOLENCE: Nobody saw this coming. Torn banners, desecration of posters, name callings, re-opening of already ‘settled’ issues, exposure of confessions heard by virtue of a ‘fiduciary’ relationship, blatant disregard for reputations. The list is endless. It is even surprising that blows were not exchanged. This year, it was either making an impact or matching forward. The #results team for reasons best known to them decided to put the faith of the Law Society in the hands of pastors and imams. In the end the forward team led by cornel saved the day, We wish them all the best.  It was so ironic that that the two presidential aspirants found love at the Karaoke organized by the Kayode Esho Students’ Chambers

KARAOKE NIGHT: Speaking of karaokes, for those who have to go to the Island to find a Karaoke Bar and pay to have a good time, Kayode Esho just showed that what you have been looking for in Sokoto is in the pockets of your sokoto. So the next time you need to have fun, gather your friends, get a good sound system, make some punch and sing until you are croaking. Honestly if the chamber can keep up and continue this trend their dreams of best chamber can become a reality, the event was well timed and the concept wonderful, what better time than the evening after manifesto before the morning of the election. Everyone graced the occasion; even the nerds were in attendance. The Karaoke night was – in one word – Fun.


Well, the Results’ team may have bitten off more than they could chew. It is high time we, like Equity, start looking at substance and not form. This is one event that people honestly wish they didn’t bother attending (except the freshers or year two peeps maybe). The law society spent over 4 million naira to organise this event and rumors has it that they are still owing (that is not our business but the business of the forward team). The event was poorly organised, all the people promised awards and medals were not given rather the members of the results team decided to award themselves, the food finished half way, two tables for 10 didn’t get food at all (please make sure you collect your 50k).

The only good part of the dinner were the pictures. This was by far the worst event organised by the Law Society. As for the after party, sources say it wasn’t too interesting either.


This was an event that not only touched hearts, but made an impact. The law society picked October 1st, to give back to the community and also create awareness about the 2015 election – a wonderful idea. The theme was ‘Everyone Is a Part of This Change’. It was quite remarkable that even under the rain, law students made their voices heard.


Culled From thenation newspaper (Daniel Jayeoba & Timi Oyewo)

For those who have had a grouse with the Mooting Society, especially because they have tried several times without number to get in, this year was the perfect year for experimentation. The Advocate was a very good starting point. The I.O Smith Moots, is thankfully open to everyone. The Rhodes-Vivour Moots organized by the Gani Chambers is also open to everyone; just make sure you have a chamber. The Inter-Chambers Moots organized by the Ministry of Justice is one competition that we would definitely like to see more of. The Mooting Society’s usual Wole Olaonipekun Moots is still the biggest. Every year, the law society and moot society organize this competition, most part of it is power tussle and rivalry, and this was not excluded this year, if anything, it was worse, but gratefully, we won, which makes it a wonderful event.


The Ladies’ Day this year was beyond expectations. Although, the number of talks for that day was on the high side, the souvenirs were on point, the invited guests were really inspiring – Kemi Adetiba, Mrs Olateru Olagbegi, and the sweet Niyola. Plus, Bimbo Johnson was something else. She has this chemistry with the microphone before an audience. The highlight of the day was when Alex Ekubo strolled in – Our ladies screamed their heads off. What, really, is the world without men in it?

OPEN LETTERS: Totally outrageous. At least, at the national scene, the authors of the open letters had enough guts to sign them. On the other hand, at the faculty, because some people managed to catch a whiff of whatever was brewing in the LSS office, they thought it gave them enough ground to spin tales with half-truths spiced up with personal grudges. the first was about the president and his car, and something about four million naira and a major contractor Sifer,  rumors that some of the executives believe it was either the treasurer or the financial director who wrote, but whatever it is, that is none of our business.

And then there was the second letter about the president and P.R.O embezzling funds through bulk sms. Most people believed it was that Wale in year 4 now year 5 and some members of Gani Chambers that wrote it. The third letter to Dr. Oni and members of staff and rumors had it that the senate had a hand in this letter. The law society refused to release a press statement.                               


For those of us that hardly ever attended annual lectures, it was with a sigh of relief we welcomed the decision of the tax club to ditch its usual tax conference for the National Tax Debate. It was nicely put together, and we definitely want to see a bigger and better one in 2015. Having said that, we do also have to say that the Tax Club, Nigeria (Take note) had a stellar outing this year. It is just a pity that the awards are restricted to Chambers only.

GANI COLLOQUIUM: Annual lectures are usually a case of ‘been there, done that…’ However, the 2014 edition of the Gani Colloquium was in a class of its own. The invited guests included Professor Itse Sagay, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, and Gani Fawehinmi’s family. The Governor’s speech was nothing short of inspirational, although the politician in him could not resist taking a few jabs at the ruling party. Somehow, you just came away with the feeling that if Nigeria could still produce this kind of leader, there is still hope for the country. the J.K Eso also had their annual lecture on the same day. Well some law students pitied them and attended while others shuttled between making sure they did not miss the rice. That said, the Gani’s program in fairness was poorly organised, a little boring but for the Governor’s oratory skills. The Gani executives made sure they kept at least half of the food they provided, leaving most students who attended sad and disappointed.


This was the mother of all events. It may not have pulled a crowd like the colloquium, but it undoubtedly is very important to law students. Whether we like it or not, career decisions are made from one’s undergraduate days. Events like these are very helpful and their usefulness cannot be overemphasized. The Law in Motion aspect of the fair started impressively – kudos to the project head and his team. The Results Team and the Mooting Society are commended for their efforts, while the next administration is prevailed upon to improve on it. The law society claimed to organise the career fair in conjunction with moot though that was only reflected on the Banners and flyers and not during the event. The career fair was the first major event in the session and it helped the result team earn the respect of the law students and the university at large. Asides the fact that the moot executives felt left out, it was an almost perfect event.

•4th Prof AB Kasunmu Annual lecture
•Wale Dasaolu’s success at the Inter faculty Debate
•Oputa’s Cultural Night
•TEC’s Battle of the sexes et Machismo.
•Law society BringBackOurGirls Campaign


AB KASUNMU Annual Lecture

Tec Manifesto


  1. Worthy events…but I believe this list is not complete without the TEC Manifesto..I am not a member of the chamber…but I belive that was an innovative event..nd it deserves applause


  2. This article is highly distasteful.u will start from d bottom to d top. What’s d criteria? Who is the writer of this article? U guys are loosing me gradually.


      1. Where is d word that has rendered this offensive? Pray tell…and after noting my offensive objection? What’s your solution? Nothing! So it’s better not to reply me atall if u won’t proffer a solution.


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