Ladies and Gentlemen, while I find it expidient to expatiate the reasons I don’t fancy any side of this coin(#TeamGEJ or #TeamGMB), I will trust you (my faceless beautiful readers) to trust and hold me to my word; I don’t prefer any side of the coin (I don’t exactly like the
coin! it has corrupt edges).
Dear reader, though I feign a phlegm in my throat whenever this irritating topic shows its ugly head. It must be stated that apparently Nigeria has indeed been blessed with leaders of abysmal standing.

Unfortunately, yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. Fellow Nigerians, I plead that we desert the old path (stomach infrastructures and religious sentiments) blindly throdden by our forefathers and open our eyes to the path we pass through
presently. Reasonably, it is safe to say that GEJ and his cronies have failed to give us the ‘fresh air’ or more disturbingly they have shown us unclear reasons to believe in them and vote them in again.

They have shown unequaled ineptitude that the world wonders whether a Pariah is what we are after all (in others news a Dollar is equal to #194. Good law or bad law?)
On the other side of the coin is GMB( and friends). Well, GMB definitely has a phoney history, but we are not here to uncover that
yet. Yet the purported majority of voters still (based on unfound sentiments and obvious yet elusivee personal reasons) find his crew
spurious and his motives unclear. To cut the chase, both sides have balanced their religious perspectives but I dare to ask; what about other areas of interest (I’m sure we’ll love to know how they plan to curb the BH menace and corruption).
Well, as expected, information and sensitization is squirting out of both camps, but then it is up to us as lenient people to decipher which is which and educate whoever cares to listen. It is that time
again, mass brainwashing and true lies oozing from every angle, but who are we to blame them afterall NEMO JUDAS IN CAUSA SUA (you cannot betray your own cause).

Come February 14, 2015, let us all; every living soul from every corner of Nigeria and beyond, gather and cast our votes to decide which dirty side of the coin is cleaner and forget all unecessary puny sentiments.

Aladeloye Ayobami

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