IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER; Prolificphilip , Sesialo, & Romijaran.

Hi everyone. I would just say a little about erm… late Bolu.

I met Bolu when he was only 7 years old. He was an amazing and intelligent child. Sometimes I wonder what the song writer meant when he said; ‘Only the good die young’, but now I realize that even if Bolu had died at age 100, he would have still been too young to die.
He was staying with my neighbours (the Akanos; who are here seated). His father had died before he was even born and his mom had died a year before I met him. And although life had not exactly been fair to Bolu, you’d never be able to tell. He was the most cheerful and optimistic child you’d ever meet.
One of my numerous memorable incidences with him was when I was fired from work in 2009. He was only 8 years old then. I had returned from work looking and feeling very dejected and he did not fail to notice. He gave me sufficient time to settle down and then he knocked on my door. I, of course, felt too detached from reality that I did not bother even sending him away. I only listened to his persistent knocking. The next morning, I found a note under my door and it read, ‘Whatever it is… your smile is too expensive for it’.
He was that smart. And sweet. And lovable. And diligent. And amazingly strong.
The world surely is self-destructive as it apparently rids itself of people who can make it a better place. But I console myself with the fact that heaven has become a better place because one of its angels has returned home.
Before I leave, I would just like to share a little weird incidence I had with Bolu two weeks (I think it’s pertinent that we all hear this).
I had arrived home from work and I heard he fell suddenly ill so I went to visit him. As I entered his bedroom, contrary to what I expected, he was sitting on a chair in front of the mirror. Beside him, he had the framed picture of his beautiful mother.
I greeted him and he smiled weakly at me. He asked me how my day was and he hoped I was coping with the constant rain. I replied and asked him how he was feeling. He told me he was good, smiled broadly and kept looking in the mirror; his mom’s picture right beside him (also facing the mirror). The scene was heartbreaking.
So, I asked him if he was missing his mom. He frowned a little; looking amused and then he said; ‘Miss her? No. I used to miss her. But now I know.’ I inquired curiously, ‘Know what?’  He smiled faintly and his eyes looked distant like he could see something I couldn’t. Then, he said, ‘You’d never guess, but these objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. It’s only a matter of time.’ Then he smiled.



A Reflection… A Projection

Chinese Magic Mirror
Solid bronze, shy of light
In your wisdom am I enthralled
Past and Present, future fortune
Pleasant past you project in the present
Fiery future that bears no fortune

Father’s love, mother’s care, day care
Bicycle rides
Mouth fed, bed dressed, no regrets
Worry-free, climbed the trees, wild and free
Pleasant past soon gone past

Comes the light through the bronze door
Chinese mirror, a cast on the future
Election year, streaming blood from heads and kneecaps
Hundreds from up North kidnapped

Master economics beyond degrees
No more depression, complete melt down
Survival of the fittest, consumption of the weakest
Loans, thrifts, mortgage… bondage

Non-vacant vacancies, Bible-size resumes
Shrieking honking of hurrying hustle, the morning tussle
Brewing deadline, the hour is nigh, the hour is nine
Retirements and retrenchments, send-offs and layoffs

Reflection or projection?
The horrors of the mirror are in the far future..
Oh no! Tomorrow is graduation!
Oh no! Objects in the mirror…


Convexity, that’s the reason objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Convexity is an outwardly curving surface or part.
I used to disagree with the warning ‘objects in the mirror are closer than they appear’ until objects in the mirror became closer than they appeared. My name is Ejiro Nnabu, thirteen months ago I was driving a couple of my friends to town, James Karibi sat beside me in the passenger seat. At the back was Nzimiro Akama, miro for short, people think she’s cute and what not, but she was a real g. To my mind she was just this really fun person that James and I could totally hang out with… as I turned a corner, I glanced at my side view mirror and I could see James reading an article on the lss blog, a habit he had picked up in school and hadn’t dropped, and I could see Miro through the mirror staring intensely outside at something that had caught her attention. Just beneath their miniature reflection in the mirror I read the message ‘Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear’, I shrugged, let the steering roll and stepped on the accelerator…
Within four months I received the most shocking news, Miro was pregnant! No, Miro was pregnant for James! How could this have happened in the presence of my before… it was not such a bad thing if it had happened in the absence of my presence but for my two best friends to be sleeping with each other in the present and my awareness wasn’t present?!! It felt sickening. I guess the objects in the mirror were actually closer than they appeared.
Convexity, Miro’s stomach was now well bloated, even though she still had two months to go on her nine, I was helping her shop for baby clothes and what not but somehow I still couldn’t shake those words from my head… Objects in the mirror… Hardly had the thought formed in my head than her water broke. The baby was coming!

Two months early, but it definitely was! It was soon bedlam, chaos, panic, screaming miro, roaring engine, dashing doctors, frenzied nurses… and in the mist of the chaos it occurred to me… Objects in the Miro are closer than they appear…

Culled from Lex Observer archives – (Official publication Of the Law Society, UNILAG)

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