The Convict (3)

The Convict (Lyric)

Carrying the city’s credo cross
Is like basking foes and nemesis
Not exhuming butterfly smiles
Because compliance is love

I killed a man of crime mastery
He was the city’s finest
He made my hands bloody
His ghost became my chapfallen company

I buried the law
That snatches my family line
As the my bore-pain reaches the abyss
In the heart of an enforcer

The Convict (Free Verse)

I heard her voguish voice
At the cave of my ear
Rasping and vociferating at top pitched echoes.
“wake up sir!”
I smelt her tidal air escaping through her warm nostrils
As she pecked me with that hurricane breathe
And the pavilioned door enveloped her…

I woke up again,
Looking lost in life
My eye sockets were heavy as rock
Each blink eclipsing flashes of blurred memories.
Sweating like I had battled a ghost,
The haunted one with grieving injuries
Before exhuming a survival moan
Into the strange air.

I watched
The lady pray to the tritheistic being
In strange but courtier tongue
For my revivification,
Her oval face stained with teary droplets
That could drown a mouse in a stoup
Her hands all raised high in supplication
Under the hottish hut that looks like a hospice
And the cloud beamed flashes of curvy lights
Variegating and threatening heaven’s peace with thunderous yell;
While the sky cried to sleep,
But she continued.

I pinned my ears out
To the audacious entreaties of
A young woman who knows not me,
A lady summoning the Supreme from his sacred abode,
For my sake,
Then I must be damned.

Why break a rock over me?
The Thomas in me finally twig
That between us two,
One of us is a friendly stranger.
I still can’t remember her
And she said she housed my son’s heart
Though I recall having a little boy
But a full grown lady?
As the cloud bleaches into another time
I basked away deep into the sky eye
And retired back to bed…

By Timpaker

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