It Takes One Man To Change The World

Akan Ante

It takes one man to generate an idea,
In other words, only one man is needed to kick start a chain of events that can;
Carve a niche,
Clear a street,
Build a city,
Plan a town,
Or develop a country.
One man thought of Twitter,
Another thought up Facebook,
Today, several have become addicted to social media.

Only one man thought up the 9/11 debacle,
Others the senseless killings going on globally.
One man came into our country and decimated many innocents with the Ebola virus, plunging the general populace to a state of trepidation. One woman’s genius prevented a greater catastrophe.
If one Man had not died for the sins of the world, we would be totally alienated from the life of God, helpless and hopeless.
One person alone can gift you the Eldorado you have envisioned in dream land and that person is you!
One man alone can also destroy every inspiring idea of greatness within his spirit, and that man is you.
It takes only one man to believe that he is not overly insignificant and powerless but that he can positively affect his world and that person is you.
One man alone can look into the mirror and galvanize the other in the mirror to go out and conquer the world, and that man is you!


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