LAW DINNER 2014: The GOOD, Not so Good and the BAD

Fashion is as profound and critical a part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos. – Rene Konig

Looking good is serious business and serious business too involves looking good. Ask Doctors’ Oduwole and Oni ;). Fashion is art. It is psychology,sociology,history, identity,religion,sexuality,gender, politics and commerce.(I expect a round of applause).  

What I am saying in essence is fashion and a good sense of it, is very, very important.
After much has been said and done (after all the grammar and ‘oyinbo repete’,the delay owing to exams and other circumstances beyond our control) we bring to you,finally… The much anticipated ‘THE GOOD,THE NOT SO GOOD AND THE BAD’ (a rundown of the best,semi-good and should I say unacceptably/terribly dressed people at the 2013/14 session Law Dinner) our own version of the ‘FASHION POLICE’.

N.B This in anyway is not an attack on the personality of the person(s),its just a ‘fashion critique’,(an elaborate or not so elaborate case of who wore what,who wore it really well,and not so well,those people certain attires suited and those who didn’t really kill it). 

Yes! Lets not waste any more time. We will start with THE GOOD.

♠MALE CATEGORY(in no particular order)

From his lovely blue jacket, to his wine tie and pocketsquare, the white vest  what you guys call waist coat, the rose and then this really nice brown leather shoes. Feranmi was one of the guys that killed it for me. MURDER!!! He was dressed to kill. Little wonder he was voted best dressed in his class,the Class of 15. Feranmi is a boss and he represents everywhere he goes.

This tall black H.O.C of Taslim Elias’ Chamber(now former) can dress and can dress really well. He’s the kind of guy that can bath up to the toilet(loool). When you think of a fashionista,T.M.D rightly comes to mind. He spotted this dainty butter colour blazer with gold buttons,white shirt,black bow tie and pant and this really nice brown leather shoe.Temidayo looked impeccable,he gave everyone present at the event a run for their moneys(even if Di Caprio was present,T.M.D would have given him a run for his money).


BIDEMI(Skenks) 400L

Abidemi popularly known as Skenks,is a STAR!! Both on and off the pitch(remember he was the captain of the Dean’s cup winning team{Class of 15′}). He was also voted the most handsome boy in his class,Class of 15′ and this bearded stunner again reminded us why he’s hot in his dashing grey three-piece suit,with that lovely multi-coloured tie and white rose.Bidemi stunned all through the event shinning bright like the star that he is.



‘Riley’ as he likes to be called is so fine he intimidates the word ‘fine’ with his ‘fineness’. This bespectacled stunner is the former Assistant Secretary General of the LSS and the son of one of our lecturer’s Mr Wahab Shittu…Riley looked dapper in his blue suit,a matching waist-coat and pant,white shirt,wine butterfly tie,red rose and pocket square. This young man surely knows how to dress well(and he’s equally fine). No wonder he was able to bag such an amazing girlfriend.



Black is beautiful,black is the new black but believe me when I say,black and white has never looked this good on anyone.This 200level ladies’ man nailed law students’ traditional black and white with a Thor Hammer,he aced it. Sporting a black three-piece suit,with white lapel and pocket square,a pokerdot black and white bowtie and a similar shirt. Kunle showed what himself and school had in common…CLASS. Atta boy Kunle.




Miss Hilda’s dress was made by some designer whose name I can’t pronounce. Few days before law dinner, she gave us a ‘sneek peek’ of her dress, shoe and bag. At first I was like, this Hilda sef and her oversabi, attention-seeking self!!. But the dress was worth the hype, she nailed it! I never knew Hilda had curves o, the colour matched her skin colour, and her hair was really nice.


You can never go wrong with a black dress. It’s the safest colour to wear any day,anytime. Adeola looked really sweet(as she always does) and astonishing in her long black dress and her hair too was nicely packed to pull off the desired look. She looked like she didn’t have to try hard to look good on the night,she pulled it off very effortlessly. Even in black she looked seraphic like one of the hosts of heaven;angels in plain language. ‘Res Ipsa loquitor’,the fact they say speaks for itself.



Helena;Queen of Troy,Aphrodite;goddess of beauty both of you put together have nothing on our goddess of beauty,Faith. Faith looked flawless in this black dress with silver and black sequence(s),her hair looked amazing,the make-up too. Everything came together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to arrive at a marriage made and consummated in heaven.’All hail Queen Faith’.



This 300Lbeauty needs no introduction as she’s super cool,the Vice-President elect of our beloved Law Students’ Society and asides from that,beauty just has a way of announcing one,her beauty announces her as there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know Tunrayo in the faculty. Tunrayo always looks stunning and on this night she looked particularly chic and elegant in this black,well tailored dress of hers.



The most beautiful girl in the University of First Choice;Unilag,did not disappoint at all at all. She ruled in this pretty blue dress like the queen that she is(whilst sporting her Miss Unilag 2014 tag).The hair, the make-up,earring,purple lipstick were on point,she looked totally flawless on the night.Thumbs up Miss Unilag,you rock!!


N.B: As regards this category we are not saying that these outfits were in any way terrible, far from it. It justs suggests the presence of certain things which didn’t make them tick for us.(In no particular order)


Many would have expected this 200level hunk;a new elected executive of the Kayode Eso Chamber to be victorious…even with A bang,over anything especially something as minute and non-volatile as picking a dinner outfit. But it turns out that picking a dinner outfit isn’t a,b,c afterall. This is not entirely a bad suit but for the fact that the pant is jumpy,doesn’t appear to be well cut(not fitted) and it had so much blue(powder blue) going on,so much so that it reminded me of the smurfs. Plus the shoe isn’t nice,it just has an awkward look about it. Quick tip Mr Abang,when purchasing or making a dinner suit (next time) purchase one devoid of so much blue(at least this shade,loud blue I mean) and the jumpy pant thingy only works when done with a slim fitted pencil pant. Thank you.


This is not exactly a bad dinner dress,yes its not,if we were in the 80’s,because this outfit just tells the tale of a hideous over-sparkling vintage  dress. This lacy gold(or whatchamacallit) outfit didn’t just do it for me not in anyway. Though the outfit might be expensive as we can see by the amount of gold glitters expended on particular areas of it(lool). News Flash the secret to picking a good dress is not the price,it is,its suitability(on both the wearer and for the occasion),its quality and its appeal(public appeal).


I don’t know what you had in mind when you bought a costume as a dinner dress.Well the dress in itself isn’t bad but save it for another occasion.Its not a costume party neither is it diwali,its a dinner party;The Law dinner,arguably the biggest event in the faculty. Madam,I do not understand the rationale behind this decision;the decision to wear an indian wear,the head chains and also why you had all that lali going beats me. Please tell us what you were thinking,please.



“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”,says the Lord. I’m sure even God would have no problem with me touching on the outfit of this woman of God;’Pastor’, as some of her classmates call her. For the want of words or an ocean of it to choose from,I just cannot be precise or find the exact words to describe this outfit but that this outfit is terrible is not in doubt. Really,a short,’flowing’ peach-coloured gown with a collar,buttons and black ‘under-taping’ accompanied by a ‘whatchamacallit’ shoe and other accessories(of different colours) which did not in anyway match,REALLY!!! Bingo,I found the word ‘Harakiri’ (suicide,this time fashion suicide) is the term that best describes this outfit. If you think I’m being unnecessarily harsh,then you should check the outfit out for yourself(below). I rest my case.*let it be known that me I didn’t say anything about this woman of God*. Selah



When this guy walked in I had to ask around if he was a law student, then I had to check again if it was costume day or law dinner. Bros came in with a white ‘jalabia’ not the fresh ones, this one looked like the one moremi girls wear to sleep. He ironed it, tied scarf and put one rope on it, then he wore ‘palm’ /’slippers’. ‎This is a No, No!! Maybe he was trying to pull off the whole “sheikh’ /’arab’ money but he didn’t even smell it. If you don’t have a nice suit or tux, borrow one, nobody will know.


Before buying ticket for 3k, the least you can do for yourself is make sure you have a good dress to wear, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If later, you buy a dress that you feel is nice “in your eyes”, confirm from your roommates and if you feel they may lie to you, ask any random person in your hostel that will tell you the truth. I’m all for keeping it simple but this was not just it. The pattern on the dress, the scary looking hair….sigh. Please don’t do this again.


Let’s call a spade a spade,what is good is good and what is bad is bad. A bad thing has no other name than for it to be called bad(says a yoruba proverb).Thus truthfully,this outfit is terrible. The top layer of the gown isn’t half bad but wait what were we told about judging a book by its cover?You don’t do it!!! The lower half,with the unnecessary layers OMG!! It looks like the Igunnu masquerade’s costume.Let’s end it here.’Halloween’ came a little too late this year.


This dress can easily pass for the best  dresses in the list of very bad outfits on the night,the thing just is it was too                      ‘sparkly’,it had the old up nepa style going on,the cut-out infront,the imperfect trimmings and the belt or what is it called underscores the bad used in relation to this dress. The outfit was a disaster and the only light at the end of the tunnel is the shoe which we can afford to put ourselves in to know where it pinches but  that dress…there’s no chance in hell.When next you decide to attend a dinner Miss Ejoke,hire a stylist or seek the objective opinion of your truthful friends.Thank you.


We all know General Lizzy is a beautiful girl, she doesn’t have to do much to look good and her dressing is always on point. However, precedence has it that whenever there is a ‘big’ event, General Lizzy goes out of her way to further enhance the beauty. That isn’t bad actually, make up is good, however these make up artist don’t comprehend the concept of ‘less is more’.

Elizabeth looked nice in her yellow gown, the colour suits her but the make was a tad bit too much, just like she did on Ladies Day. Same can be said about Temitope Odeyinka, her make up was too loud, infact everything about Miss Temi that day was loud, and that indian thingy she put on her head was an unncessary accessory but not all bad.

So ladies when next you have an event, remember less is more.

On couples that wore ‘aso ebi’ and all, well we hope your relationship sees another law dinner. (amen).IMG_8199 I thought it was cute until I saw TOBI, girlfriend of TUMIBI, 200level student. The Carpentar, sorry tailor, designer who made the cloth didn’t try at all. She looked like one iya oloja.

I mean if you were wearing that to one owanbe somewhere in Bariga or Abule oja, this dress would have been perfect but then for the prestigious law dinner. Sigh. Atleast think of the amount you spent on cab, to and fro and look for an attire that won’t make it seem like a waste of money.

Miss Wura has that model figure but the dress she wore didn’t ‘compliment’ her figure’.

It made all her bones pop out, she looked like she hadn’t eaten in days!! Miss Wura should take into cognisance her body structure, from neckline to her toes next year when she’s shopping for law dinner dress next year.

Miss Oyin O(400L)and her date or whoever he is,didn’t turn heads at all,they were far from it. Oyin’s dress was not entirely bad but the fact that the pleats at the edge were ugly,terribly sewn  and practically swept the venue’s floor clean is what we have a problem with and her date’s suit(or coat lool) appeared a tad too ordinary,it appeared like he jumped into it at the dying moment and  suddenly appeared at the dinner.

Ma and Sir,you can do far better at the next law dinner. Don’t let us talk about you again.

We were also reminded why they say birds of a feather flock together as Richard aka Lord Denning and his friend Sheriff looked like hungry charge and bail lawyers in their shabby,Sherlock Holmes- esque (Richard) and oversized baggy-like suit(Sheriff).Richard’s tie wasn’t even properly knotted.

Word of advice,both of you need to get your swag pimped(the pimp my ride kinda) that’s if you have any at all.

Nife my man,next time remember you need an agbada to make the outfit entirely corporate. That’s all.

Miss we don’t know your name but it won’t prevent us from saying this,though we earlier said less is more but this dress or whatever you call it looked too ordinary and those shoes nah nah ,like ABC ordinary.
You look like you were dressed to attend a legal method class on a typical Wednesday in the faculty. Do yourself a big favour get something far better to wear to next year’s Law Dinner.

°Gist around says that you were part of the organizing committee for the dinner,well that’s a good one but it still doesn’t give you the license to dress in this manner. A polo shirt,face cap and jeans really that’s a yellow card, try that next year and see what we will do to you.
image Though the outfit didn’t look bad on you,but for this particular event,you should be flogged.

We were also intimated,no reminded of the fact that Mr CEO has no dress sense.

From head to toe he looked like all this Igbo boys that work at Alaba with little money to throw around and no dress sense at all but in their minds they have killed it(I am igbo myself). The oversize blazer made of ‘apoche’ material,an awkward blue bow-tie and pocket-square and grey pant to go with it. Nothing worked for me.
Mr CEO(at least that’s the inscription we always see on your shirt),you weren’t chief over this,one would wonder how you manage to be chief in your office or business. Boss,upgrade your style. Gracias

Funbi,you are very beautiful,as in very…at a point I had this mild crush on you,but at the dinner I almost didn’t recognize you cos of your make-up.
It was a tad too much(the blush around the chin and powder) and the cleavage line of your dress was just too low. Word of advice,you do not need to reveal your body parts or wear excessive make-up to be beautiful.You are amazing the way you are. Please don’t do it again.

And you,yes you that lady that had a cut-out around the boobs,you don’t have to look ‘scandalous’ in the name of hot. Your boobs were literally jumping,screeching and fighting to be seen.
Its a dinner party abeg,don’t show us your boob.

There you have it,our version of the Fashion Police. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. So when next you decide to show up at the Law dinner or any dinner party for that matter,keep in mind that some people are watching you.

Jobless you might want to call us,well this is our job and we enjoy doing it. Until we meet again,aurevoir.

You can see it right away when a person is dressing outside of who she is. – Nicole Richie

Courtesy Suliat & Sule (Happy New Year to our esteemed Readers)


  1. this kracy tho.ild advice some niggas dont take this shiit personal.its fun!!!.dats d best way to handle..but i think some lessons shudn be missed!


  2. Nice nice nice? So y is Esther not here? With d fake butt pad she wore? At least we all know d true size of her butts. And then our millionaire playboy in year 3 that came in jeans. Oh don’t forget madam HOC TEC,Ife that came in that God awful dress. Where was she coming from? Or where was she going to? Then like 5 girls that wore dsame dress in different colors…We saw u all! My favourites for d night: Tofola, Pryce (prolly a social sec thing) Perpetual, such beauty! Ekene! Daper…even our new president was looking all chocolatey! And madam HOC the eso people…Jumai, just angelic in that dress…d make up though, she should do more of that. Yes n Tunrayo…simply beautiful! In all I wish I got food to eat. Laters babies!


  3. i do not see why someone would take this personal at all. it is fashion scrutiny, its not meant to be pleasant. my only problem is i do not think the person who wrote this has the necessary fashion sense to make comments as seen above


  4. Scrutiny my foot @whateva jones. The. Words used to describe peoples dressing is just outright degrading. And of course the writers choose to be faceless because they are not proud of what they’ve done or even what they might have worn. I wonder when the law dinner became a fashion parade


      1. U can comfortably say that coz they skipped you and your multi coloured shirt, awful tie and pathetic looking coat. Not to mention those shoes……ewww.


        1. Hahahahaha. Lmspo. I doubt u saw me. Or whoever u think is me. But if its who i think it is that u think is me, d person is totally eccentric. Wasnt there to exhibit clothings. He shines in other areas he cares about n fashion isnt one of them. Insult him directly. I doubt he cares. N moreover he didnt even wear a tie. U must have b using an ipad cuz boy u cant see clearly.


            1. Lol. This guy. U funny af. At least u have something good to say about me. Thats all i aim to be. Guess m hitting it. Dont know whats hurting u but dont worry. It will be fine. I’ll prey for u. Lmspo.


  5. this tl person seems to be really pained. hope u werent mentioned though.if u were, sorry but the comments are quite fair. this is how these things are done. Put aside blind criticism, yes there are some issues, such as the fashion sense of the writers. on that note. if u dont want to be criticised, dress well.


  6. Whoa! So much pain and hate in the house! I don’t know, but if this did hurt me, I’d do myself and the attention-inspired cravings of the author the favor of keeping mum…


  7. Merciful Lord protect us! Things we thought quietly inured in their sepulchres are abroad in complete steel to haunt us. May he who has no sin first cast the stone… I hope the writer(s) are sinless…
    Free ticket next dinner and many will not attend – better the little reputation than whatever is up in the dinner.


  8. I think d fashion police was kind enough to let my yr1 goons go unscathed this time around.Cos most of them might abhor d thought of resumption.i had better start saving for the services of Banky W’s wardrobe manager…..


  9. Whosoever wrote must’ve really being short-sighted to have left out Charles Akindileni yr3-yr4 n Toketemu yr3-yr4…For the Very good, Damilola Oshodi yr3-4 not soo good….


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