Ah Yes! By Adeboro Odunlami

‘The thing which escapes must be a non-natural user of land… non-natural user of land… non-natural user of land… (repeat phrase for about 150times)’.


That’s inside my head right now. I’ve been in this library for about 2 hours and I cannot boldly say I’ve read anything. I have been repeating phrases and sentences that make absolutely zero meaning to me. And even when I paused to listen to music, I put Avicii’s ‘Hey Brother’ on repeat. And I wasn’t even listening to the words of the song.

This is how it has been since I saw my first semester result. I’ve just been going through the motions. Repeating the same thing over and again. I got 1d, 2cs. 1b and thankfully, an A in (God help me), Islamic Law. Most people were shocked at my grade in Islamic law, seeing as I’m a very dedicated worker in my fellowship.

Ah yes, my fellowship.

Nowadays, I don’t look forward to going there. And why? The testimonies people give. Now, I know that testimonies are nice for encouragement, but still, I cannot but feel smaller in my seat when someone comes up to share how; ‘Praise the Lord!! I just want to thank God because my results positively surpassed my expectations’. That’s not a something I can exactly say, seeing as I’m not even sure of what I expected from the exams. It wasn’t a bad result though; so my friends say. ‘At least you didn’t carry over’. Oh well… I’m not sure that’s the aim of my being in school. Not to carry over courses. At least, that’s not what my father is paying for.

Ah yes, my father.

As I walked into his study to deliver the news of my result, I began to regret not leaving a Will behind. For I was surely going to died. And I was going to be one of those people who died interstate. It made me wonder what people would say about how I lived my life. According to some custom or according to the English law? As I was ruminating over these apparent irrelevances, my father cleared his throat and peered at me over the top of his glasses. ‘I’ve seen my result sir’. He didn’t say a word. Or move an inch. ‘I got 1A, 1B, 2Cs and a D sir’. You know how in the movies, a boss had to remove his glasses before he says ‘What??!’ That’s exactly what happened. ‘What??’ my father said, ‘Do you realize what you’re in school for? Do you realize you’re studying law?’

Ah yes, Law.

Why am I studying this course again? No reason really. I guess for fear of conflicting with my superior father, I couldn’t even think of any other course that went against his wish of seeing me argue in court and make money (Like that’s how it actually happens). Now, I wallow in retrospective career analysis. I think I would have loved theatre arts. But I also think my father would rather I fall irrevocably ill, than study theatre arts.

Ah yes, sickness

Ebola virus sounds pretty scary yeah? Let me tell you something scarier – leaving school and not knowing what to do after. I look at my classmates and I try to wonder how they’ll be in, say, 5 years. Some would be working in firms; some would set up their firms, some would be into jobs unrelated to law, some would be lecturers, some would be married…

Ah yes, marriage and relationships.

Right. About that, I’m not sure it’ll ever happen to me. Seeing as I cannot even focus on my inanimate books, focusing on a whole human being (and then some) seems like a really big deal. Plus I hear that boys and men of nowadays seek a lot of attention. Oh well… that’s too bad for me then. I’ll simply sing in my one man band and swim in the rivers of solitude.

Ah yes, swimming.

My best friend recently died of drowning. And by recently, I mean 2 weeks ago. Two days after I saw my result, that is. So yeah, that may also be a reason for my recent attention deficiency and lack of any real feelings.

Ah yes, realness.

I have often questioned myself as to what exactly is real. And this question became even much more of a burden when my best friend died. Because some of our friends keep saying ‘Oh my God! That’s not real. That’s a lie’ or ‘She was so real… so alive. How can she die?’ So what exactly is real? The existence of life within a thing or the degree of naturalness (or artificialness) of a thing?

Ah yes, Natural.

Erm… I was just reading something about being natural some minutes ago. I can’t exactly place it. What was it now?
Ah yes, the thing which escapes must be a non-natural user of land.

(Culled from Veritatum Archives : Official Publication of the Justice Kayode Eso Students Chambers)
Odunlami Adeboro
Class Of ’16, Law.



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