My Romantic Unilag – Yetunde Akanbi

I dream of a romantic city where we can walk around hand in hand,

Where we can sit on the roof of your penthouse watching the ocean tide with the cool breeze blowing our hair,

Where we can sit in parks,

And feed ourselves ice cream on the road

But that only happens in Nollywood movies.

If we can’t have our romantic city however, we can make for ourselves a romantic Unilag,

Where we’ll walk hand in hand from New hall to Amphi-theatre (even if there are 10 fellowships there),

Where we’ll sit at Senate love garden together (not minding the mosquitoes)

Where we’ll stroll to Sofoluwe garden or GTB (even if the light is in our faces)

Where we’ll feed ourselves ice cream or chicken and chips on the road (without sodeinde boys saying ‘una well done ooo’)

But I’m still dreaming of this ‘Romantic Unilag’ because this night,
Nobody has come to ‘set P’.

Culled from The Lex Observer 2014 Pg.32

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