Question Mark By Jones Ayuwo

Questions, questions are what mark your progress, questions mark what kind of mind you have; the kind of questions you ask, the kind of questions you can answer, in a way they mark the kind of person you are.

Well, in my mind a lot of questions have paid rent, and as legal occupants I cannot easily get rid of them. These question, sometimes move in with their family members, before you know it they get married, then they’re having kids, little question marks that littler the entire compound and come out to play in the afternoon when the sun is hot and one hopes to get some rest.

The other day I was playing ball, and the harmattan got me exhausted and panting, so I got to the tap beside the field, turned the head and water came gushing out, as expected, but in my exhaustion I found myself saying
“How God take reason water?!” My guys laughed, but it’s true, how did God think of water. Colourless, odorless, scentless, but the best drink in the world! How?

It got me thinking of another fluid, how did God make blood? I read somewhere sometime in Ss2 or so that man in all our innovations, has never been able to reproduce blood!

Anyways, I got back to the field, I was tackled and took a tumble on the dry grass. Next think my body began to itch like no man’s business! And I ask; why does grass scratch??! Look at it, smooth and green. So why does grass scratch!

Why is it that when they call you for morning devotion or prayers you be dozing like twelve items but immediately the final “Amen” is said, your eyes are as clear as the morning sun, you be ready to go like you are pumped on sugar and coffee!

Why is it that when you’re dozing off and your head nods a bit, you jerk up like you almost fell off a cliff?

Why is that when the sun is high the river or pool is very cold and then when it’s night the water becomes warm.

What is the reason why someone yawns beside you and u find yourself yawning, even though you were not tired yourself. Is yawning contagious?

Besides, what is the back of your palm called? We all know the elbow, but what’s the inside part called? The part on the other side. We know the knee, but what’s the opposite side called?

How come if you stick out your tongue, without even opening your mouth the length of the part sticking out is longer than the distance from your lips to your nose yet your lips can’t ever touch your nose.

Hehehee, so that’s my mind, those are my questions. What’s your favourite from the lot, you have any questions of your own? Or you’ve got answers to mine? Would love to hear you in the comment section.

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  1. hehehe. question marks! choi! very imaginative mind, you’ve got. my faverite, how God take reason water? hmm? trust me i tried dat lip thing,


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