Stunner Of the Week – TOPA

Well, seeing as this is supposed to be a weekly segment, we seem to have been lagging behind. Do forgive us…. we promise to serve you better��.


         This week’s stunner is Akinsulie Taiwo Oluwatobi (Yes! He has a twin! No! He isn’t a  law student and No they are not identical). He’s fondly called “T.O.P.A” according to him, its his initials. He is the second of three children all boys.

     This stunner would easily be my man crush everyday #MCE . He is a member of the class of 2015, former welfare Secretary of the Tax Club. He has resigned from politics in the faculty in order to face his finals squarely.

       Well for all you ladies our stunner surprisingly is single (but now he is taken….by yours truly). When asked why he is single…..he says, he has no reasons at all and strangely, he has no crush in the faculty and he doesn’t find it strange. He says, he just hasn’t noticed any girl yet��….(I think the babes in the faculty should try harder).

   However, about his turn ons and turn offs, he says it varies….he just likes nice people generally. He hates pride.

    When asked about him, he says “I am a nice guy, friendly and I like to think I am funny too��. Contrary to what people think, that I am stuck up and unapproachable because I don’t really know how to smile , well….” That’s just how my face is��. “

    Down to the question we ask every law student….“Why Law?” He replies, “I hate maths. Lool”

      He enjoys movies, going out with friends and sleep. He doesn’t have a favourite food his reason ‘I eat a lot’.

   His best buds in the faculty are; “They are quite few, Funmi akinsooto, mayowa, Tofola, Feranmi, Dare, I can’t mention all of them”.

      His last words;

” Well… God first then all others will follow “

      Moreso, he thinks the Blog is cool and has advised we keep doing what we do.

Courtesy Jesyca Durotinu

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