A VALENTINE BALLOT: As Told By A Southern Westerner

The LSS P.R.O tries his hand on politics…. albeit his neutral tone.

Eso People.

Febuary 14, there’s something about that date. Every year there’s a crazed desire to show or be shown love. Usually the recipients are lovers, people you actually share your lives with. This year, this year in Nigeria things are a bit different, the love this year is not about chocolates or unnecessarily huge and demonically expensive teddy bears. This year is about votes (and 50 shades of Grey of course) it’s about Nigerians deciding who they will blame when things go wrong within the next four years. It is about our youths coming together to choose who to troll on twitter and who to curse when the price of fuel rises, or Asuu strikes, or an accident occurs on a dilapidated highway. Indeed, in a weird twisted sort of way, it is about showing mercy and love to one candidate by not voting him into that elaborate morgue of character…

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