September 22
Dear Davy Jones, I think all third year law students have something akin to mid life crisis. I am in my third, actually fourth, year, and I think I am yet to figure out what to do with this law I am studying. I can’t even decide which electives to take. Reality Check. If I was in another faculty, I would be a final year brethren. Saw Dumininu today. Gotta go. Mum is calling.
September 23
Friendship? You know what I noticed? My circle of friends has changed in each year, largely because of hostel, sitting position, overnight things, similar electives just to mention a few. Some of us remain close, the rest of us just say hi to each other. Or sometimes, we give attitude and form ‘gbagbe’. You feel me?

September 25
Dear Davy Jones, speaking of changing circle of friends. I ran into Dumininu again today. Lucky us, we got admission immediately after school. We talked about year one mainly. I remembered only a few things about her. Quite Surprising, as we were quite close. She talked a lot. Makama tinz
“As you know, it was a four man room, Victoria was a deeper life so there were some level of judgments in her actions. Tade was the oldest and she’s what you would call a Runs Babe, Shola my bunk mate was the quietest person I ever met, but by far my favorite room mate that year and there was me.

I would not call my self religious, I only go to church on Sundays and manage to make it to bible study every Wednesday, neither am I anti-social because I love to dance (she actually rolled her eyes here). Tade really liked me, she always wanted to take me out with her and I wanted to explore and try out new things.

Orientation was boring asides D.S.A’s refreshment there was no reason to have gone (You know!). My classes were equally cool but stressful cuz year one law students have no permanent lecture rooms moving round UNILAG (As in ehn) to have classes.

Now I remember my first date, he was a(hunk) guy I met during registration, I was searching for Julius berger hall, when I stopped him to ask him, Femi had the best eyes and smile, he was studying chemical engineering(I swear Engineering boys are the bomb. So hot and fresh) and was in 400level, he was dark, tall and slim, he was handsome, his voice was super sexy, he showed me the way and took my number, I was happy how else to start university, if not with the perfect boyfriend.(Awwwn..)

We got talking and he took me to me to see a movie, that was the official first date, it was fun and romantic, he was a gentle man, and my Femi had a car, we continued seeing each other till the day I went with him to Ozoluwa, my gentle and perfect Femi became different asking me for what I considered for my husband (What? Ok Maybe, it was just happening too fast), he got so mad I turned down his request and sent me out of his room, I had to walk all the way back to makama, that was the end of Femi in my life (Good Riddance).

Femi ended with first semester, we dated for barely 3months, I was heartbroken and single, Vicky asked me to stop looking for a man and ask God to send me one that would be perfect (Maybe when Jesus comes), Tade said I should have done what he asked, “it couldn’t have been so bad and am sure you guys will be dating now. In fact what kind of guy will date you without **x, except he is deeper life” (That’s actually very shallow). Shola was the only reasonable one who asked me to move on saying Femi didn’t deserve me and she was certain I would find my perfect man.

Exams started not quite long after the time out. I was trying so hard to concentrate but all I could think of was Femi and how much I missed him I had my first few papers and the last was on Saturday morning 8am.

Friday night, Tade had a party as usual but she said this one was different and she was sure I will find my perfect man here and every big boy in lagos will be at this club, I tried to read all Friday, so at night we got dressed, Tade gave me one of her dresses because I had nothing suitable to wear, I was curvier so the dress was perfect fit, it was a red armless dress, barely covered my bum leaving a lot of cleavage and she also borrowed me a blue pair of high heels to go with it and she did my makeup, I almost didn’t recognize myself, I looked like a hot goddess (-_-), we got to the party and either every guy wanted my number or wanted to take me home,(Take home to momma abi?) Tade made sure I didn’t leave with anyone and she advised me to not drink too much, we got back by 5 am, I tried to revise I couldn’t when it was 7.50, I picked my docket and walked to the examination hall, alas, the exam started, I couldn’t read or understand the questions, my head was banging, tears rolled down my eyes, I tried for two hours without progress, then I heard stop. I realized instantly I had failed my last paper, I could barely write my matric number, I learnt my first lesson in Unilag, never party a night to your exam, this lesson I learnt the hard way.

Miserably I walked back to my room, slept a little and in the evening I packed all my things and went home. End of First Semester. Not so proud it ended that way”.



Bottom line, she is chasing her GP. All I asked my self after this conversation was, ‘Where was I when all these things were happening?’ And I heard a still small voice reply,’In the library, perhaps

Ekaete Hunter & Temitope Odeyinka



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