A Psalm For Ekelemechi

A Psalm For Ekelemechi
(In Loving Memory)


What is it to die
To spring a river from the eye?
There is a lovely myth
That it is quicker than sleep

For swiftly we glide from life
Without having to say goodbye
Inconvenient for our dream
Swiftly we glide
So swift.

It is said a star
Falls for the fallen
It is the haunt
of the ghost of memories past

To the harvester who loves
unripe fruits
Are you happy now?
You have stolen our precious
Not a trinket but a treasure
Surprise is your chiefest weapon

But why so soon
in the tender bloom of youth?
Before Ekelemechi’s glory became reality
Yours is no victory
It reeks with the rain of innocent blood

You are irreplaceable
on God’s green earth!
The life of this great man remind us-

“We can make our lives sublime
And,departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.”

I shall not cease to sorrow
For I will not see you
on the morrow
We shall meet again
when we all awake on that day

Bedtime Ekelemechi
Good friend;
on the breast of Jesus
Find rest.


By Osarieme Aisagbonhi.

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