Beauty Of the Week – Sandra Omeogo Onyedum

Onyedum Sandra Omeogo of the Law Class of 15 is our beauty of the week


She is an igbo girl that grew up in Lagos

and has had a full western education, attending Dansol high school in her junior years and Louisville girls High school for her senior years. Like most, she also had to battle through the tough nature of boarding schools but she soon got a hang of it, as our beauty this week is a very capable and adaptable young woman. She is also very reserved, believing in the virtues of silence and spending time with one’s self.

Sandra is the first child of…wait for it…. seven children! Yes, seven! (I was like “whoa!” and she was like “yup, seven hun, I know right?) Maybe Arsenal should look into signing her dad, the transfer window is still open… just saying.
On her journey to Final year, she had this to say; “Unilag has been a real eye opener, the journey hasn’t been smooth but it’s been worth it. I couldn’t have asked for a better faculty! Law! But the journey ahead is greater, I’m just grateful for it all”.

Her best lecturer is Mrs Afinowi, simple and easy to understand she said. Her worst course of course was Land Law (oh my, I’m about to do it! :’
( Land law!! )
Sandra like meeting new people, honesty and fairness. She dislikes, pretenders, injustice and…. Rats!

Asking about her relationship status was like checking unilag student records for your result for the first time... N/A!

Her take on the blog; “The blog is really good, it’s a way law students can express themselves outside the whole law thingy. I’d say keep up the good work, and let’s try to keep it more professional and less gossipy, (so to speak…lol).

And there you have it! A sage and a beauty! Onyedum Sandra Omeogo!!


Courtesy: Tolu Jesyca Durotinu


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