Beauty Of the Week – Iffie Obiago

She’s a member of the Class of ’15 and is truly beautiful with an amazing personality. I enjoyed every moment of the interview with her. She’s  Ifechukwude Obiago…  But most people just stick to ‘Iffie‘, she says it is because,It’s easier to pronounce. She hails from Delta state and is the last of four kids.

She loves drawing (she is good at it….saw some of her drawings on instagram they were beautiful) .

To check more of her drawings...scroll down

and has developed a recent interest in baking.

           Guess what guys! This beauty is single (trust me I have no idea why). When asked about a crush in the faculty, she says ” Naa my crushing days are over, I am in my final year now! All my past crushes ve left. So a glance now and then at a cute guy is pretty much where it ends.” (Well a suitable reason I can say at least she admits we still have cute guys in the faculty).


      When asked to describe herself, Iffie goes thus; ” Well I think I am friendly, smart, fun would definitely throw annoying in there Cus i know my frnds wld agree.x_x and weird yh am definitely abit weird!”. She is turned on by, “Intelligence, guys who smell nice, humour, responsible people, stuff like that sha”. She says she is totally put off by proud people, those who are way too serious and she especially can’t stand liars.

         The question we ask every law student. “Why Law”…’ I always wanted to do medicine o! Somewhere along the line I ended up here. And I don’t regret it. I love it!’


        Her closest friends in the faculty are “one of my beasties is in ur class.. Mina. Yh, then for my class there’s vera, oge, funmi, seun & busayo”


Random Questions;

Q: Olamide or Reminisce

A: Omo i like olamide o

Q: Jason Derulo or Usher

A: Usher

Q: Rihanna or Miley Cyrus

A: Rihanna gets it right all the time man

P.S: Nicki minaj and drake over all 😀

Q: House of Cards or Scandals

A:  Wait… No fair they are both awesome na. I remain loyal to both

Q: Boston Legal or Suits

A: Suits

Q: Horror or Romance movies

A: Horror

Q: John Gresham or Nora Roberts

A: I’ld rather read Danielle Steel .

Q: Devious maids or Desperate housewives

A: Desperate housewives!!!! . I used to imagine myself as a new neighbor on Wisteria lane.

      Concerning what she thinks about the blog, ” I think the Blog is a brilliant idea. It’s very well organized and you guys are doing a darling job” (Gracias! :D).

        We’re rounding off with a statement that keeps Iffie going, “Just do the best you can in all situations, at least u know you tried.” (Well said Iffie!)


That’s it for this week! Chao! Guys xoxo :*

Courtesy Jesyca Durotinu




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