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I recently remembered some wicked people I’ve met…


 The very first wicked person I remember ever meeting in this life was Aunty Ijeoma. I mean, it could have been the doctor who gave me un-identical ear piercings but I don’t remember meeting her so Aunty Ijeoma would have to do. She was my class teacher in primary 4. She was Igbo, tall, fair and hairy. Of course, that did not necessarily mean she was beautiful, but she thought she was and you’re who you think you are. So, let’s say she was pretty. She was also really frustrated. So, she was pretty and frustrated… pretty frustrated.

She hated children (see how I said that with utmost confidence). She did. She did lots of wicked stuff to my classmates (I was EVERY teacher’s dream student…So, no wicked stuff for me). However, I’d just skip to one I vividly remember…

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