SIJU by Perosola Akinosi

Stumbled upon this piece by Mrs Romijaran

One Wayword Show

Things have been real bad at home and even in school.  Nike, my elder sister had gotten pregnant for her jamb lesson tutor at an early age of 18 and Baba had insisted that she move out of the house despite the pleas of our aunt and uncle. They blamed it on the death of mama who passed away last Christmas. Of course it had been really rough on all of us and everybody had to find their own way of recovery maybe that was Nike’s way. But Baba insisted she either got an abortion or she should take d next bus to hell cause he could care less. 
My principal had given me several letters to Baba which was anyway useless because he couldn’t read. Mama was the literate at least she could read and write.  She had her grade 2 and worked for the federal government . She…

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