The Balance — By: Cynthia M. Isa-Adejo

As surely as the sun will rise,
It must inevitably set sometime.
As surely as a champion wins,
He’ll hear the bells of defeat chime.

For every man must have his take,
Of what it is to rise and fall;
For a measure of loss and gain,
Is constantly served to us all.

Lo, it is man‘s destiny and doom,
To live a life full of contradictions.
But indeed one’s life would be empty,
Stale without such parallel distinctions.

Through this mind has discovered the
Secret balance of the yin and yang.
And now I see the need for contempt
And support from – a foe and fan.

I dare say, you have not lived ‘til,
You have tasted of them both.
For what is there in life to learn
And grow – when all is sugar-coat?

There is balance in the world,
These contradictions are ordained universal.
For surely the night will come and
Steal the day away – on and on, the reversal.

***Have you ever witnessed a birth, see the baby
Drown in his sobs, while everybody gales.
And as a man navigates the labyrinth of death,
He lies still, while everyone mourns and wails.
We all have the capacity for good or evil;
Light and darkness swirl around us.
But thankfully we have a choice, we can
Decide on which we want to focus. ***

Culled from Lex Observer archives

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