Beauty Of The Week – Nina Bot-Timothy

When Beyonce sang flawless, she must definitely have had this damsel in mind. Aphrodite(the goddess of beauty) has got nothing on this babe. She’s also nice, funny and down to earth. Get to know her:


Hi; my name is Nina Bot-Timothy, a member of law class of ’18. I’m an only child. I was born in Lagos, but grew up in Jos, Plateau state, and that’s where I’m from. I was born on the 20th of February.


I chose to come and study law in Unilag because I heard it was the best place to, and I’ve loved it so far. My best friends in the faculty are Gracious, Esther and Tito. I like goal driven people but dislike pride coz everything you have was given to you by God#True. My hobbies are reading novels, sleeping, playing table tennis and listening to rare music (I had to ask what ‘rare’ music was and she replied-‘Old school and bands like cool n the gang, MJ, one republic’ Uhh…. *seals lips*).


I currently have no crush in the faculty. However, I’m in a relationship and yes, he is in the faculty (boys be crying) , Yr4 to be precise(I begged for a name but couldn’t squeeze it out. She said we’d find out soon tho). My most recent embarrassing moment was my moot interview but I still got in (halleluyah). I don’t have any quotes I live by but I get all the motivation I need from the bible.


I think the blog is cool and shows that there’s a lot of hardwork being put into it.
The interviewer is awesome. But she wants to beat me…. so I’m a little afraid.(*covers face* Ill beat her more. *Lol*)


Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s interview.Till next week, I remain Yetunde aka HaliArt. #FineGirlsAreMyKin



Like the Admin would say, its gotta be a sin to look this beautiful! 🙂 »»


  1. Always beautiful and hilarious!


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