Liar liar

Pen Nation

You don’t wanna hear this story. Trust me you don’t. But then I didnt wanna live it either. I really didn’t. I dont even want to tell it, not if I don’t have to. But here we are. I’m telling because doing so brings me peace and you’re reading,  because you have an insatiable thirst for good literature and a fascination for dark things. An impasse we are at.

Its a desolate world. I mean that literally. Molten magma bubbles forth from the ground. When it rains, the sky pours death. Acid falls down to the earth but none of it it touches me. I am not there. I walk the rubble earth has become yet I am not there. Its a lie I tell the world and it believes me. This is my power. I lie to existence and it believes me, allowing me to alter the substance of…

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