LSS Event Report – Novelty Match

A team of randomly selected members of the Law students’ society faced off against the Year One Law students… and what a game it turned out to be!
The stakes had been raised high by
the incredible bragging right culture of law students evenly matched by their undaunted fresher counterparts!
The Novelty match was kicked off by the iconic Law Society president Cornelius Gabriel who is himself a renowned footballer within the faculty and a member of the Dean’s Cup winning Law Class of 15!
Yr1 kicked off, the game started on a high tempo and before long, the LSS XI buried the ball in the freshers’ net when Social Sec Pryce Williams swung a brilliant overhead kick beyond the opposition keeper. Just when the freshers were settling into the game …BANG! Another goal! It was 2-0 and everything looked bleak for the Freshers.
Second half and the LSS XI made a lot of substitutions and the Yr1 team made theirs too. Football they say, is a game of two halves and this one was no exception. The yr1 team showed their resilience, their team spirit, their strength of mind to come back and attack fearlessly for long spells of the second half and they were finally rewarded with a penalty which they finished with a aplomb!
So 2-1 the game ended! The yr1 girls were at least delighted to have something to cheer and the likes of Kehinde George and the effervescent Yemi Adebo treated onlookers to an impromptu relay race where the young man showed off by running with a hand bag! Hehee!
In my memory the turn out for the Novelty match was the greatest I’d witnessed, and that’s fantastic, the FORWARD team is ecstatic to declare in the indefatigable words of Nollywood… “This is just the beginning”
And in the other indefatigable words of Nollywood “To God Be The Glory”
And in the most indefatigable words of Nollywood… “Watch out for part 2”

#Anticipate the Law Barbecue Party! GUILTY or NOT GUILTY

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