State of the Faculty – S3 E1

Happy New Year guys! Hope y’all had lovely holidays. Well I did and I grew fatter too. But we’re back in school now and hopefully the stress will take its toll. I just resumed ooo, that’s why this is my week one (I don’t know what week it is in Unilag’s calendar)

Thumbs Up to the LIM team for the internship slots. It was a nice experience
Results were released and well, all I can say is- these four unit courses are GP sucking vampires
Our faculty’s biggest boy(man) had his birthday party and I heard it was turnt as usual
Last week, JOC had their elections and as was expected, Bidemi became the HOC
Team Forward has been working hard. Thumbs Up. And I love the varsity jackets btw, cool!
All chambers had their first meeting yesterday
Finally,(I had to save this for last). WHEN will dsa give us hostels? *crying. The hustle is real. The new dsa and his regulations tho. Where’s that SUG we’ve been hearing about? I wasted my Friday balloting intensely and at the end, Nothing!

Anyway, I wish everyone a happy resumption and wonderful semester ahead.
And remember, Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.


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