Beauty of The Week – Phebe Asekhauno

Hi guys! I know you missed me! It’s been a while I did this so I hope I get it right! I am bringing to you our LSS beauty for this week! And in my angelic singing voice *she is so beautiful!!!*


This week we are presenting to you  one of the faculty’s newbies…yeah one of those light skinned girls with  amazing bods running round the faculty in shiny white shirt‎s! Her name is Phebe Oshione Asekhauno…pretty Phebe is the first child of four children with two equally beautiful ‎sisters and an handsome brother.

IMG_20141230_163156 (1)

When asked to say a little about herself she described herself ‎thus “I’m quite an introvert, a music lover who loves singing and dancing. I am an avid novel reader. I’m shy though, quite friendly and love hanging out with my loved ones and friends ”

Wonder what influenced this Diva’s choice of law? Well here it goes “‎It’s always been a childhood dream. I’ve always liked to defend what is right and just. “

‎If not law Pretty Phebe would have studied either medicine or mass communication

Phebe likes ‎singing, dancing and being around funny and friendly people. *yaaaaay! No wonder she likes being around me*
She dislikes stalking, pretense, lies and stealing

I asked this beauty to describe one difficult challenge she has to face . She said  “‎Dealing with people really understanding me “

Guys keep off! This beauty is in a relationship and you guys need to up your game because she has no crush in the faculty !


This beauty’s role model is Pastor E.A Adeboye

For those guys who might still stand a chance Phebe’s turn on in a guy ‎is that “He has to be cute, responsible and very neat” and she hates body odor and guys who don’t smell nice.

This beauty can’t remember her happiest day but her saddest day was the day she lost her grandmother.

The Diva’s best friends in the faculty are Ogooluwa Quadri and Deborah

Seeing that this beauty has an awesome fashion sense I couldn’t help but ask her what clicks for her when it comes to fashion. She said ” simple, comfy and chic”

So onto our favorite question this beauty’s opinion about the LSS blog  “I think the LSS blog is very educative and keeps it’s readers entertained”
And she thinks her interviewer is very friendly and polite =$ *thanks phebe*

Last words from our beauty
‎ IMG_20141230_160529

“You can’t control everything, sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things would work out. Let go a little and just let life happen “. Hmmmmm quite deep!

So that brings an end to this wonderful interview. Hope you had fun reading! Don’t forget to drop your comments. Until next time *ciao guys!

                      Another Legendary interview courtesy
Olamide Abe


  1. First , Phebe is a definition of Fine, Fresh and Friendly with a great smile and an angelic voice (@Phebe: You still owe me a song ma’am). She’s the kinda chick that would wanna make a Science guy port to Law. Cool, calm and Composed. She truly deserves the Beauty of the week. And Hey! Olamide great job in making this piece interesting to read.


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