Happy Valentine’s day y’all

A moment of silence,
Silence……deafening and dumb-founding,one preceded by violence,
Violence occasioned by shallow religious extremists;men,
Men with a thirst allured by red,
The thick red sea of human blood,
Blood tinging the white markings on the faded black roads,
Roads,airs and seas with the gargantuan appetite of a termite,
Termites gorging and gormandizing several valuable materials and woods,
Woods;coffins our vehicle to the great beyond,
Beyond where the eyes can see and ears,hear,
Where all you hear are sounds gravely associated with the grave,
A rose for each of those grave,
New graves built for friends and families from yesterday.

A rose for the grave of my brother and friend Ekelemchi Nwuzor,
One for that of Aunt Sola ,
Another for Uncle Bola,
One for my friend Abiola,
A rose for your beloved mom,and late dad too,
Your adorable grand pa and grand mom too,

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