Beauty of the Week – Eedee-bari Bawoh


In our search for another beauty, courtesy of this lack of hostel thing, on a recent journey back to Ikorodu from school, I came across this beauty (a team natural) that I have seen on several occasions in school but had nothing to talk to about. Well this time we did, We were trying to get into a moving BRT bus. Yes! Yes! Enough with the laughter please…. You could do the favour of letting the DSA know how bad we need a bed space.


Anyways, back to the matter, so while talking to her, I had to get out of my normally shy self and ask for this interview. So here it goes! 😀

She is from a family of five kids and is the second. She is fondly called ‘Eddy’. She has a beautiful smile and totally defines a natural beauty.

Q: Names in full

A: Eedee-bari Bawoh

Q: Nickname(s):

A: Eeddii the don

Q: Birthday?

A: 13th of May

Q: State of origin

A: Rivers state

Q: Hobbies

A: Singing, Writing. I just like being creative..doing something with my hands


Q: I noticed your fashion sense (Especially the statement making shoes or sandals). Are you into it? I mean fashion

A: Lol..o that..I fancy colours..any thing goes tho..but I appreciate looking good

Q: Are you in a relationship?

A: No (luckily for you guys)

Q:  Any crush in the faculty?

A: Not really (sounds like someone is not ready to admit)

Q: Favourite body part

A: My Eyes ( I love her eyes too).

10857914_619082358197861_1864381732845382411_n (1)

Q: Favourite food

A: Anything that includes yam

Q: Favourite lecturer

A: I love oduwole..I wanna be like her Someday.

Q: Favourite lecturer

A: Course? I love all my law courses…don’t really prefer any to the other for now


Q: Turn on and turn off

A: I hate guys who lie, who aren’t real…. Prefer sincere people, and people with identified potentials

Q: Your likes and dislikes

A: Like things that are real…dislike lies at even its lowest minimum

Q: Role model?

A: Allison Madueke (minister of petroleum).

Q: Best buds in the faculty?

A: Vanessa and Isola Bunmi

Q: Describe yourself in as many adjectives as possible

A: I’m loveable, sincere, creative….. Thoughtful…and nice.

Q: Contrary to what people think…. I am…

A: Yeah..people think I’m a snub..well I just could be the nicest person you have ever met…

Q: Most memorable moment(s)

A: A presentation I made in the faculty. I had overcome my fears

Q: Most embarrassing moment(s)

A: When I catch myself smiling unnecessarily at some very beautiful and handsome people (she finally admits :D)

Q: Why did you choose to study law?

A: It had to do with passion.

Q: Your opinion of the blog

A: Its Very expressive, educating and informative.

Q: Last words?

A: Choose what’s best, work at it, love Good, fight for what is right and don’t forget to not only sow a seed of love but grow yours with a pretty smile. (Le deep)

That’s it for this week guys :D. I remain Jesyca Durotinu.

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