En mass, the faculty of Law turned out last night to pay our last respects to our dearly departed brother Ekelemchi who passed away during the holidays. It was an emotional send forth for one who many called friend. Ekelemchi was loved in life and honoured in death. The students of the faculty of Law, clad completely in solemn black clothes and fingers clutching lit candles that flickered and shone in the darkness of the night, a metaphorical allusion to the memory of Ekelemchi that still burns bright in our hearts despite the darkness of his loss, walked the entire length of the university in honour of him. Our hope is that those memories of his laughter and joy and the efforts he made in life stay with us and spur us on to be better people and to engage ourselves better and relish the precious moments we have with one another, even as we prepare to one day reunite in glory with all our lost brothers. Amen.

Farewell KC.

The Forward Team on Behalf of all members of LSS.

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