State of the Faculty S3 E2

I had a stressful week but thankfully, I made it out alive (whew)
LSS introduced popcorn to the lounge and of course sales have been high coz we have sugar lovers in the faculty. (The popcorn is sweet sha) So please walk up to upper lounge for your own pack anz
can someone tell these yr2 boys to stop shouting in the lounge. They seem argue everyday about funny issues but their noise is just unbearable

Chambers had their meetings as usual
Tax club and Oil&Gas bar showed that they are still solid on Wednesday. Thumbs up
Shout out to Amlas and Clasfon, I recognise you guys o. I’m sorry I’ve not been appreciating your works
Still waiting for the Senate and C2C to show face

List of project and supervisors for our final year brethren was released and mixed reactions could be seen on their faces. I wish them all the best.

Law barbecue party was turnt. If you missed it like I did, you missed


Hope y’all had a lovely valentines day. My bed was my Val ooo but issokay, I’m happy. All my boos that didn’t get me gifts, you’re all DE-booed.

So SUG elections will be coming up early next month…….. Get involved.

Remember, Never let hate, anger or envy fill your heart. Be happy, life’s too short and YOLO!


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