State Of The Faculty S3 E5

Chambers had their meetings
Oil and gas meeting held but Tax didn’t(it now holds every two weeks)
Clasfon and Amlas held their meetings
The Lss office was painted. Btw what happened to the popcorn guy
JKEC had their movie night and showed ‘The Judge’
Prof. Abugu had a star studded(in the legal sense) book launch
JOC’s law to the layman held on Saturday
For all those who are not aware, there is a lecturer from UI on sabbatical in the faculty, Mrs Bamgbose and she has turned law students into actors and talk show presenters ooo. Well at least some people will discover their talents and head to nollywood
#BabaWhileYouWereGone #loungemeatpie #payyourfacultydues

Remember, be happy whilst you wait for what you want rather than tell yourself that you can’t be happy until you attain it.


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