The Secret Diaries of the Perfect Law Student #9



Dear Davy Jones. 

Hahahahaha!!! I swear Mayen is a retard. Seriously, who does this? Like why will you be writing into a dumb piece of book, does it make her feel better? Maybe she has no friends? How miserable can she be?

Oh! I’m sorry for being rude, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Donald, I am Mayen’s adorable baby brother. *evil laugh*

I’m what you will call a cool, and easy going guy, ignore all what Mayen wrote about me. I am however intentionally writing in my sister’s diary, because one: I want to make Mayen mad; yes I want her to freak out. Two: I’m bored and she made a big mistake by leaving ‘Davy jones’ on her bed. I think it’s better I was the one who saw it, if any of my parents had seen it, she would have questions to answer. 

So how exactly does this work? I write all what’s on my mind then what? I get myself ice cream? Or I feel better just like that?

Anyhow. Let me catch trips and just go with the flow. Arsenal made my weekend, even though we didn’t play so well, we got the 3points and I’m satisfied. Chelsea won their first trophy and their fans won’t let there be peace, noise everywhere! Bloody touts. 

School has been good so far so good, going from DLI to faculty of science everyday under the hot sun! The hustle is very real.  

There are very fine girls in UNILAG sha but err I’m in love and I’m loving it. After Mayen pulled out that perfect Val stunt for me, **** can’t just have enough for me. I think we are going to kiss soon. *wink*

Hostel life is crazy!! It’s like a garage. All sorts of guys in one place and the homosexual guys are everywhere. I saw one looking at me the other day in the bathroom! Who does that? You feel me Davy Jones? It’s just somehow. The speed at which I had my bath and dashed out that day, *phew*.  

I wouldn’t forget last Wednesday in a bit, my crazy roommate did the dishes at a fancy restaurant outside school because he was unable to pay for the meal he ate in the company of his girlfriend, no not girlfriend,a girl he was ‘toasting’. The silly girl didn’t even bat a lid before she left the nigga,sharp sharp she was mounting a bike to take her to her hostel. “My guy cast I swear”. Lesson number one about girls, cut your coat according to your size. When it comes to unilag girls, I heard all you have to do is buy chicken and chips and coke, or chicken suya. It’s what I heard, I haven’t tested the theory. 

This is kind of boring, how does she enjoy this? Davy Jones is just as boring as Mayen Baruwa. But whatever makes her happy, she needs a man though, a real Davy Jones. 

I hope she won’t destroy you when she sees this. Hehehehe!! Arios DJ!!

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