Beauty of the Week – Ogeoluwa Frances Afolabi


Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. From her smile to her crystal clean set of teeth; it is quite apparent that logic cannot describe her beauty. Such rarity!  She is the type that makes your day just by the broadening of her lips in laughter. Such brain-buster! *sighs*
Ladies and gentlemen, the beauty of the week is Ogeoluwa Frances Afolabi and she is from the class of 15 (Yess! Year 5).

Oge hails from Ondo state. The last born from a family of five (Dad and Mum inclusive). She attended Parker Primary school, Akure, Ondo state. From there she went to Louisville Girls High school, Ijebu-Hele, Ogun state.Oge is such a fun person to be with. She loves all kind of food (and she confessed her undying love for ice cream). A Red wine fanatic. A prolific writer (J.K Rowling is her mentor). An all rounder she is. It might interest to know that she is also a fitness enthusiast (anticipate: Oge at the Law marathon). She does Yoga. She has a soft spot for arrogant and interesting people (Hmm.. Fine). But she loathes disappointment. Her best lecturer is Professor Atsenuwa. And if not law she’ll venture into literature. When asked why study law, she responded saying ; “Law is a very good background for any other thing you might want to do”. Ergo,  she’ll get a degree in Literature (hmm… This is serious).


As a gadget fan,  Apple before Samsung any time any day(she uses both). Surprisingly, Ogeoluwa is single but not searching (she enjoys being single) and her only crush is Professor Olawoyin 😦 . She fancies bold colors (especially black). Her happiest moment was when she graduated from Secondary school with impressive results. With no embarrassing moments she is thus declared flawless.PhotoGrid_1419531044294PhotoGrid_1423940232071

Conclusively, in the next five years, she’s gonna be rich (she didn’t explain how,  but she pretty so… Your guess is as good as mine). Graduate from the Nigerian Law school, take a tour around the world (Amritsar,India and Fiji) and further obtain a degree in Criminology( somebody’s got a plan). Her friends are Seun, Tonye(with whom she co-owns a blog), Funmi, Dunni (year 4), Deola, Dami and Esther. She thinks the blog is an innovative idea which should be fostered to perfection and made more visible.
And it’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed enjoyed yourself.
To visit Oge’s joint live style blog hit

P.S – Today is Ogeoluwa’s Birthday 🙂

This has been CFrances,abo

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