Stories, Perspectives, Fuckery and Bathos

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Do you think you’ve been wronged, hurt? You are disappointed, heartbroken, let down? Your dreams truncated, expectations shattered? It may interest you to know that you have broken, shattered someone’s dreams just by existing. You’ve let someone down horribly, wronged someone out there even if unwittingly, through no deliberate act or omission on your part, yes. Just the fact of your existence has perpetrated an act which led to the pain of another living thing. Your parents may have wanted a child of a different gender, or at a different time from when they had you, or perhaps not wanted you at all even. Each aquatic animal fished from the sea, land animal shot down, to augment your protein intake is your fault. The extra discomfort others feel when they breathe in a crowded room, stale breath, sweaty armpit and all the things you complain about is part of what…

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