Monthly Sanitation: Lagos Court Cancels Movement Restriction

Good Evening Readers! I’m pretty sure most of us can relate with at least one of the following experiences:

1) Being bundled in a police vehicle and taken to a police station where we cry all our body fluids out in an attempt to get the officers on duty to grant us that one phone call!

2) Not being able to walk from Mariere down to Biobaku without coming across at least 5 football matches being played on thoroughfares 

3) Not being able to catch a movie at the Cinemas fixed for 10am.

4) Having to wait till 10am to make that Saturday Road Trip 😀 (Of course…)


I’m pretty sure most of us can relate, and I expect all my readers at this point to have come to the realisation that the foregoing occurrences wouldn’t be more likely to occur on any other day than that special ENVIROMENTAL SANITATION SATURDAY, a day when nobody is expected to be on the move until 10am. And that’s why you’d find so many football matches, why a few “drunk and high at the same time” law enforcement officers would have the guts to violate your fundamental human right and the only reason why waking up on your bed in Queen Aminat Hall at 6am would be futile in an attempt to watch The Wedding Ringer for 10am at the Ozone Cinemas, Yaba.

For those of us who aren’t Street Soccer fans, who love our body fluids and won’t like to let it all drop in a police cell and the few of us who’d want to catch a 10am movie at the Cinemas, there is good news for you!

The Federal High Court in Ikoyi , Lagos State , Southwest Nigeria , presided over by Justice Mohammed Idris , has nullified the restriction of movement during the monthly environmental sanitation in the state . The policy of the Lagos State Government restricts citizens to their homes for three hours between 7 am and 10 am every last Saturday of the month .
The court held that there is no law in force in Lagos State by which any citizen could be kept indoors, compulsorily. The court found that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria grants freedom of movement to every citizen, and such freedom cannot be taken away by executive proclamation, in the absence of
any law to that effect . It found that there is no regulation in force currently in Lagos State which authorises the restriction of
movement of citizens , on the last Saturdays of the month , for the purpose of observing environmental sanitation .

I don’t know what all you legal minds are pondering but it’s definitely not what I’m pondering Pinky (in Brain’s voice). I think I like the idea of catching one of those really cute 10am movies with the boo but I’m really concerned about the observation of the monthly sanitation exercise with the removal of the restriction on movement. How many people would stay back to clean now? Let’s see how this works out! Till next time, Have a wonderful week!


Efemena (For the LSS Blog Committee)

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