It is not incongruent to desire the presence of a healer in any dispensation. At different points there have always been people to heal the ailing. Figuratively, the presence of sickness pervades every ambience of human existence.

In religion, Christ Jesus and Prophet Mohammed surfaced to save the people from the inefficiencies of Judaism, Buddhism, etc. Cicero was to salvage Modern Politics. Ben Carson had the salvation of the Siamese twins at hand. But for Mohandas, India would have suffered intolerably irremediable from the imperialist Britain. Thanks to Martin Luther King Jnr. for the fight and sustentation of the Negroes. On and on, the list is endless.
So, it is but a viable rant to crave the presence of a healer. And, like a society, that it is, and a sufferer, as it were, the University of Lagos Students community need, and inescapably require
the help of a healer. They, at this point, need the help of a student who can fearlessly stand up and walk tall; who can tell it as it is and provide succor to the pained heart of the aggrieved. At this point, there is the need for a student to be the voice for his deaf counterparts and the eyes of the blind.
Unarguable, the student community is in dire need of a health centre. Here, we mean not the ill-equipped one behind the U.L.W.S. This is not that health centre that the major stakeholders (students) visit and are treated like some intruders. Figuratively, this is a health centre directly under the auspices of a Professor of advancement and amelioration of the students’ welfare. This one is under a person whose major aim is to be the platelets to the exposed wounds of the students; whose joy is only derived in the emancipation of the students from the intimidation of portals, security officials, fellow students, etc.; whose fulfillment is founded in service to the students, like ensuring that butteries’ attendant attend properly to students and keep their environment and utensils clean for the promotion of the student’s hygiene.
It is indispensable to have at this moment a student who knows where the shoes pinch the student. It is not news that there is a high level of misrepresentation and segregation against constituents of the students’ community.

Hence, there is the need for a student whose dexterity in leadership is unquestionable with an unparalleled ingenuity in the field of proper accountability and representation. There is the need for one whose experience in fighting for the rights of the students is unmatched. There is the need for such student whose zeal for advancing students “welfarism” stands him out from his contemporaries. There is the need for such a student who doggedly believes that student unionism should not be a means to delay students more than normal in the confine of the school.  There is the need for freedom. There is the need for a vociferous, articulate, and persistent, albeit conservative voice. There is the need for a SHOLA OSHIN.

As the maiden edition of the ULSU election-trade-fair, after its resuscitation, is in the offing, it is but only quintessential to have a SHOLA OSHIN at the helms of affairs of the students. This is for nothing but accountability, promotion of student welfare and to ensure that student unionism is not manipulated as a ground for unwarranted and untoward strike action.
There is the need for a #pacesetter. There is the need for a SHOLA OSHIN.

Oyindolapo Olusesi
(for Shola Oshin)


  1. I adopt the submission in whole and not in part as mine…Before I quit, there are two candidates from our faculty and their individual and joint fates as it were largely depends on the delegates.To that extent, it is important for the delegates to be in harmony to have a pleasant symphony..May history and posterity remember you all for good!


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