It is pointless to point out points that have been repeatedly pointed out. Having pointed this out, the question is, what has not been repeatedly pointed out?

That Sola Oshin is a Capacitor, an appreciable asset, an interoperable leader and an elder statesman. My point is, the maxim says nemo dat quod non habet; you cannot give that which you do not have. What does he have?
The question is what do you want?

You want a leader that can resist bad influence – he is disciplined and blunt. You want a leader that is hungry to serve – he is starved. You want a leader. You want an appreciable asset – he discharges by performance without frustration. You want a leader that cares, a leader that understands. Sola Oshin understands. Sola understands your welfare is taken for granted. Sola understands that somewhere you are been overcharged. Sola understands you have accommodation issues. He understands you have issues with your course registrations and examination results. He is fully aware your sound education without unwarranted restrictions should be the primary objective of this institution. He understands. And Sola would not stand mute, he wouldn’t sit silent or sleep helplessly. NO! He would stand for your rights, he would sit with progressives to improve your standard of learning and he wouldn’t sleep until you’re fulfilled and satisfied.

So if you are in need of a leader that cares,listens,understands and performs. Your hero and Messiah, the one sent by God is here and he will not eat or drink, rest or sleep until you’re fulfilled and well catered for. All you want is a reactive-reactant, an appreciable asset and a zealous progressive.

All you need is SOLA OSHIN.

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  1. Indeed! one cannot but pray for the emergence of Shola Oshin – a leader with an unprecedented commitment to service, not a sit-tight power drunk.
    I agree, all I and all the students of the University of Lagos need is Shola Oshin


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