ADEBISI By Oyindolapo Olusesi

Give me the jongleur seat
That I may, to this beauty speak –
The homage of the peacock fleet –
Of the tidings from the lily’s peak.
Can I in this moment rent
The eon shade of silent crest?
Bid me in this second vent
The bellied words, emotions fest

The trees in the outback waive
The stars cannot but smile
See, the sonority of the birds crave
The listening ears with a head of tile
‘There is an angel, of blistered make
A soothing teeth show forth in mirth
The pungency of sobs flee, they break-
Away at the advent of her fury’s death.
She is a pulchritudinous lass
Such all bloke, to the altar dream
Of such moment of bliss pass
With her voice: “yes to you I deem”’
You are a princess, a goddess
You are a reason for living-worth
You are a friend, breeding calmness
You are a light, darkness travel nought
Adebisi, take me further to your happy zone
And let the bee see its honey’s save.
Her day busy but she’s ecstasy own
You are the brighter side my heart crave.
Dedicated to: Adebisi Lamidi (on the day of her birthday).

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