Student of the Week – Chiamaka Stephanie Ibe

When you see quality. I mean real quality, you know it. Likewise, when you see something extra special. Something extraordinary, you recognise. I have seen someone extra special, someone extraordinary…. Apologies. Hola everyone! Today I present to you, the student of the week. *sighs* Ladies and gentlemen, presently, I have a pin in my brain, my senses are wide awake and  vehemently titillated . My thought processes are innumerably crashing into each other. Amaka…. Chiamaka Stephanie Ibeh is the student of the week.

Chiamaka Stephanie Ibeh
Chiamaka Stephanie Ibeh

Oh my God! Amaka is an embodiment of beauty, brains, genius, fun and Godliness. She is the complete package. Hmm… To start with, Amaka is from Anambra state. Her father is an Electrical Engineer, while her mother is a Professional secretary and an event planner. She has just one sibling. A boy ( whom I learnt just wrote Jamb and wants to study Systems Engineering). Talk about breaking records , Amaka is the first lawyer in her lineage. She attended Saint Bernadette nursery/primary school, Egbeda, Lagos. She continued her primary education in Renics children’s school, Egbeda, Lagos. She started her secondary school education in Holy Child college, Obalende, Lagos. She finalised her secondary school education in Renics college, Egbeda.   Surprisingly, she was a science student until she met physics and they didn’t have a good rapport.


If Amaka wasn’t a law student she will be a Petro-chemical engineer or a TV journalist (she love em’ cameras). On why she is studying law she said and I quote ” Law is the apex profession in the art department. It is prestigious and there is this dignified aura that trails law students especially when they are robed in their white and black.” She loves food. She loves pounded yam and Egusi Soup. It doesn’t end there, her jurisdiction on food extends to Chinese and Italian cuisines. Flash tray of pizza to gain her attention (thank me later ). Though she dislikes Semo she’s afraid she might like it as she grows older. She likes honest, straightforward, fun-to-be-with and most of all Godfearing people. On what she likes in a guy; she likes that handsome guy (fair or dark) that knows what he wants and would do all he can to get it (workadedey) and again he has to be Godfearing. She dislikes people that know their faults but do no try to conquer them. Her mentors are Michelle Obama, Condolezza Rice and Nelson Mandela. One thing I have noticed about Amaka, is the fact that she strives to strike a balance on everything. I also learnt there are three types of Feminists; the radicals, the liberals and the conservative feminists. She believes there should be a balance. Talk about balance, Amaka was a tutor, she has involved herself in several capacities. She was once a Class governor, the Secretary General of the Federation of Nigerian Catholic students (St. Thomas Moore). She likes to have influence over her environment. She is an entrepreneur; cakes, cocktails, chops, and a she owns a clothing line.

IMG_1380But, hold up!!! Amaka is single!!! (Although not for long). She has a crush and she wouldn’t disclose his name (might be you). Her best buddies; the real people that understand her peculiarities are Korede Adeleke, Joel and Temitope Coker. Her opinion about the blog is unbelievably positive. She believes the blog is a fantastic innovation. In her words, ” we have broken the norm, cut across borders. From being fantastically brilliant to being social unimaginably. All I see is poems, diverse articles and raw talent. A bomb of talent that has gone off. Constructive and controversial articles. Awesome!! She loves Jones Ayuwo’s “you want the Sugar ba”? Boro’s impressive and inspirational articles and The secret diaries of a perfect law student.” Whew!!


Conclusively, she advises everyone to work, live and pray. Work hard, play harder and pray like an MFM prayer warrior. There’s no stopping you. Hmm… Fine.
This has been legendary. This has been Cabo.

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