March 28th: TYPICAL by Jones Ayuwo

A few minutes after 0900 hours on election morning, Odokuma’s large fingers reach out from the sofa and clasps his android which lay blinking on the sidestool. Sabinus had pinged him.
Odokuma: Bro, Sabinus, what’s up?
There was no reply, so he scrolled up to Sabinus’ personal message slot on his profile and his PM read “Election starter pack: 1. PVC 2. Running boots 3.
Sharp eyes and ears”
Odokuma: U’re actually voting o, nice
Sabinus: Lol, you sound surprised
Odokuma: Anyways you’re in Lagos, not like PH that is equally PDP and APC, people are dying here like nonsense.
Sabinus: People are dying here too
Odokuma: Nigga…lagos is more APC dan PDP. Rivers is kinda equal. So the tension especially in this Obio/Akpor constituency is high. And this is just Presidential election…i wonder how the gubernatorial will go
Sabinus: I can imagine. We can only pray man, and be careful.
Odokuma: So who are you voting for?
Sabinus: Who do you think?
Odokuma: My candidate is sha Buhari
Sabinus: Why?
Odokuma: Coz I’ve given Jonathan 4+2 yrs and he did nothing worthy of note. Its to test another candidate…and if after 4yrs he doesnt do anything, we test another candidate. Until we learn how to vote incompetent leaders out, then democracy is in vain.
Sabinus: Hmmm
Odokuma: We are the youth of this country. Until we drop sentiments and personal interests and do things the RIGHT way, this country will NOT move forward.
A blue ‘D’ appeared beside the message to show that it had delivered to Sabinus, soon, it changed into an ‘R’ to show that Sabinus had read it.
Sabinus: [After about four minutes] hmm, sagacious. [smiley face emoticon]
Odokuma smiled to himself, and looked at the time, it was a still a few minutes after 0900hours. He reclined back into the sofa as his left hand returned the android to the side stool and then returned to turn the page of the novel he was reading. Today would be a long and boring day he thought. Thank God he wasn’t going anywhere, he would just read till he slept off.

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