Thank You from Sola Oshin

In all ramifications, from the commencement of the electioneering process even till now, you have chosen to believe in me,amidst series of vehement opposition both internally and externally. You stood dogged and rugged;

firm in your belief,convinced of my conviction, even till the very end of the polls. Sincerely from the  depth of my heart, I appreciate your support emotionally,financially, politically and in all other ways. Thank you very much. I must commend your tenacity  for being part of the ULSU 2015 political history, your deeds will bear tales. 
Finally, let us remain undaunted by the lip service of political sycophants and convince all power brokers, whose motive is fuelled by personal vendetta, that there is a level of moral content in political game which always outlasts political office. More so let history bear tales of their deeds and misdeeds, and of the part they all played. Thank you all once again for the trust you invested in me, and I can assure you that I will remain the unionist that I have always wanted to be; a welfarist to the core and an astute students’ leader, unperturbed by political jingoists, motivated by content and character. 
Thank you and God bless. 

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