When She Gets On One Knee.

Good vibes.


Hey guys, so today’s post is centred on ladies proposing to their male partners. This is in response to some comments I got from my last post. Most guys wanted to know when ladies would actually start proposing to their significant other.

Hence, we ask – Why don’t ladies Propose? We don’t need to dig too deep to realize that the reason is based on tradition, according to them, its just unorthodox for a lady to get on one knee and utter the mind-blowing words, “Will you marry me?” When it comes to male-female relationships, the guy usually takes the lead. It all begins when two people meet and the chemistry is undeniable, but still, the girl waits for the guy to make the first move and do the wooing, and if he doesn’t, the girl will most likely go to her grave with her feelings for him. On the…

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