Why Are There Always “Randoms” In The Lss Office

Being very new to the faculty and having no one to guide you can be sort of a challenge. The change of environment and pressure to do well already hit you, being lost in the activities of school isn’t another problem you’d want to have. So you hear about the Law Students Society, you hear about the executive members, and how they are all so helpful, you hear about the Lss office and how you’re always welcome there if you need help and so you’re grateful for all of that.
Fast forward to a certain day, when you’re in need of help, you just want to clear up a couple of things, get advice from those who have already been through what you’re going through, so you decide to go into the Lss office. You take a look at yourself, just to make sure you look pleasant to the eyes, you even breathe in and out, clear your throat and then knock.

You open the door and step in, and you’re hit with a myriad of faces and voices, there’s this rising level of noise, incessant chatter in different groups, no one even notices your presence, so you look towards the President’s chair, hoping to find a few answers and all you get is the sight of this year one girl balanced in the chair, her legs dangling off the table. Your “excusemes” and “hellos” are barely heard over the noise and then you end up walking out; on your way out, you double check to make sure you went into the right place. You read the sign outside the door that clearly states “The Lss Office” and you compare to what you have just seen and it leaves you confused.
If the scenario above was a onetime thing, then it could be overlooked, but the fact that half the time you walk into law lounge, it appears as if the lss office is an extension of law lounge, not anywhere near an office is something that brings concern. The amount of people that troop in and out of the office, the idea that the office is more of a “Chill Spot”, “Squad Members House”, “Family Meeting Venue” and an array of other things irritates me sometimes
The state of “that place they call Lss Office”; it’s that place they call Lss office because I do not believe it is fit to be called an office leaves you asking certain questions. What exactly is the Lss office? What has it become? What exactly is its purpose? If it did have a purpose, isn’t that purpose being defeated? Why isn’t it a problem? Why does it seem like there’s the presence of complacency with how things are?  Why isn’t it an issue?
What is a lawless law society? With the state of things, is there really a need for the office? The Lss office is not Law Lounge! If the door says office, then it should be run like an office. In the course of being lenient and making everyone feel welcomed, boundaries shouldn’t be breached.; certain things shouldn’t be compromised.

Ife Braithwaite (100 Level)


  1. I love this write-up! there’s no truer observation about the ‘LSS office’. kudos braithwait – you’ve got an admirable writing style.


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