State Of The Faculty S3 E8

– No chamber meetings
– Tax club meeting held
– Adr had a documented presentation about negotiation
– Clasfon had their prayer service

Presidential Elections are over; whilst we await the result, classes will hold o. There is no election holiday. Btw, was it just in my area that there was 24 hours power supply on Saturday. I was shocked! I wish everyday was an election day.

Unilag SUG/ULSU Elections held on Thursday amidst tight security and for some reason, Martins A. Abiodun is the new president

Laws got talent 3.0??!! It was good but could have been better. I hope the artists didn’t sleep at Sabo tho.

Congratulations to Ayanfe (1st), Dimeji (2nd) and Chima & Anita (3rd).

Thanks to Acappella for being the highlight of the event. He killed It!!!!!


Joc Dodged 10th April
Gfsc Rhodes Vivour moot 1st April
Tec Manifesto II 17th April
Jkec Slam dunk 3rd April
Career day 15th April

Remember, trials make you strong, sorrows make you humble, success keeps you glowing but God keeps you!


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