I Scream – By Yetunde Akanbi

Your love is forever sweet, your sight forever pure. I’m always chasing after you like that law boy constantly on my ‘P’. My chocolate expectation gladly awaits your vanilla presence. When you walk up to me, your comforting embrace and ever lingering taste makes my heart leap in bouts of joy; I realise that no one can ever take your place.
‘Ahhhh……., I exclaim.

‘Ohhhh……., I gasp for breath; because every kiss sends my heart and soul on fire.
How can fire be so cold? Oh heat releasing liquid, how dare you be so bold?
To come into my life and take so much control; I value you more than gold. You say you love me, No, I love you more. Ours is a deep deep deep love.
But every relationship has to end and ours has come to its peak. Ill hold you dear in my heart eternally, we’ll be friends till thy kingdom come. But dear lover, I choose to cheat with you no more.

I’ve chosen to watch my weight and keep my shape but because I still love you, I scream!!! I WANT ICE-CREAM.

Dedicated to all the ice cream flavours. Chocolate is still my bff. “Without ice cream, there would be chaos in my heart”.

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