Happy Easter people. If y’all cooked rice and chicken please buzz me and ill appear ASAP o. Ehen, that’s how Buhari won the election o, Mr. Ebele and mama Patience have started moving to Otuoke small small. Seriously sha I hope the Apc led government doesn’t ‘fall our hand’.

No chamber meetings

Unilag SUG/ULSU elections for the legislature coming up soon. Voting is open to Hoc’s, head of associations and class reps. There are 2 slots for the faculty.
Lss presents Special students forum(SSF) on Wed 8th April, 10am at Afe Babalola auditorium
Gfsc’s Justice Bode Rhodes Vivour moot competition on Wednesday went well. Joc showed Gfsc that they are lords of the wigs. (more coordination next year)
Jkec’s Slam dunk on Friday was also successful. Jkec took their trophy back by beating Tec. The only real ‘dunk’ of the day was done by Dominic. But our Sports sec can port sha(seems to have basketball juju), who will he play for next year? (better rappers next year)
#Tax signage project! Get ready to be amazed
Birthday shout out to our social sec Jide Pryce Williams
Go out on Saturday to vote for our next Governor ooo. I’m confused about this one so Agbaje for gov, Ambode for first-man or deputy.
Ahhh yes! Fast and furious7 is out. #takethatbabetothecinema #dragthatbootothecinema #nufsaid

Joc Dodged 24th April
Tec Manifesto II 17th April
Career day 15th April
Jkec Charity ball May 1st

Remember, one half of knowing what you want is
knowing what you must give up before you get it.

HaliArt (your no.1 sweetheart, the girl ur mom warned you about, U can never get me all figured out, I must marry a boy from d south, I want to drink small stout, this is joblessness at its peak I’m out! )

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