Relationship 101 – Why do Senior Guys date Junior Girls?

Just like elections in a democratic setting, certain things have been constant and may never change.

Every session, Senior Guys chase Junior Girls and practically ignore the girls in their class.
The girls in their class don’t seem to be bothered, as they are busy crushing on some senior guy. So we get to see a lot of 200 Level girls dating 400 Level guys and 300 Level girls dating Year 4 or year 5 guys.  

Usually, these seniors are the cute, popular and sometimes rich guys in the faculty. They seem to be in every one’s faces and always look sharp and smart.  

The juniors on the other hand, are the pretty, naive freshers in the faculty just trying to settle down, get a good C.G.P.A, and probably be as popular as the LSS Vice President. She wants a guy who has been through what she’s going through. Someone who has done Law of Contract, Administrative Law and the likes; can tell what Akaayar and Odusote look out for when marking a script.  

Most junior girls want a matured guy. Someone who wouldn’t ask her, “Why did you hug A?”; “Why is your skirt so short?” or “Kiss me in front of the Faculty” (LOL) – That’s quite petty. She wants a guy who’s got a vision, a dream and a goal (now those are different concepts) and not just one mommy’s boy. Yea, in addition to looking sharp and smart, he’s got to be matured.  

She wants Marriage. It’s always on every girl’s mind and a guy your mate may never be ready to settle down at 24.

She wants to Show Off.  How could I forget that? It’s basically an ego thing. “My boyfriend is in year 4”; “He’s got a car”……………and the bragging continues.  

The senior guy needs:  

A submissive babe. Junior or senior; smart or dull………and the only girls that will probably be submissive are…………..the junior girls (quite rebuttable). Girls their set would probably play hard to get. “After all, we are both offering the same course.”  

Generally, it is presumed that the senior guy is looking for someone he can mold and grow with, but we know that is not always the case. Sometimes, these guys just want to play games and the best play partner is a junior naive girl, whose feelings he can play with.  

Sex– (yes, I said it!) There is this myth among guys that sex with an inexperienced girl is better and there’s a presumption that the junior girls are the in-experienced ones.  

However, irrespective of everything that has been said we all know “LOVE”- Yes, that special feeling with a special someone and irrespective of age or class, Love does happen.  

And according to J.Krishnermurti ”The moment you have in your heart this extra-ordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstacy of it, you will discover that the world is transformed.  

Adebisi Adeboyin–08135685886.    

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